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1. Get path to servlet container deploy/webapps folder

From within the service method of a servlet, I can get the path to the web application's root folder with getServletContext.getRealPath(""), e.g. /tomcat/webapps/MyWebApplication, but is there any way I can get ...

2. What are servlet container in Websphere Aplication Server Network Deployment v7 (not community edition)?

I saw the Tomcat v6.0.2 in a list of third-party components in notices.txt that came with the installation package. Does this mean that Tomcat used as a servlet/jsp container?

3. Different log files for Grails applications deployed within one servlet container

I have 2 grails applications packed with --nojars parameter in grails war command. All grails framework libraries are moved to server and they are loader in shared.loader line in tomcat servlet ...