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I wrote a jsp application, and if I generate a war file with eclipse in windows XP, language: tradition Chinese. and deploy to weblogic, it will have such problem:

inputAdministrator.jsp:251:11: This ...

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What does the following error error mean? I'm use eclipse and export web project as war file then I deploy to weblogic there is error message that I don't understand.

Message icon - Error ...

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Out project uses WebLogic as web-server and uses mostly JSP for user interface. With standard setup it is possible to copy edited JSP files into the exploded deployment directory and ...

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I created a simple web app. It has only one jsp file and one javabean class. I was trying to run in Jbuilder6 using weblogic6.1. , it failed. The problem seem like I could not deploy my wepapp to the weblogic correctly. After one whole day's trying,I could not figure out the problem. I tried to change "enterprise setup" and "project ...

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