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I came across a fairly old Java web application that made use of servlets and along side the web.xml file in the WEB-INF directory there was an ias-web.xml file. From ...

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I am trying to load an application to my local tomcat instance. When I input the address into the URL bar after starting tomcat I'm getting 404-not found error even though ...

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In production box i want to change the web.xml in a J2EE web application but i don't want to restart the server or the application because this can create problem for ...

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Why do we use url-pattern inside servlet-mapping tag. Why not in servlet tag itself.

It's seems ...

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In META_INF/ directory of the enterprise application project, there is an application.xml file. It includes things like webModule.WAR .. ejbModule.jar If I want to deploy this application in exploded way (for development env), should I replace the "webModule.war" and "ejbMdule.jar" by something else like directory names ? Can I keep putting the .war and .jar in the ...