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1. jsp debugging in intellij idea

does anyone know how to debug JSP in intellij idea? when i set breakpoint in my jsp files, those breakpoints never seem to take effect. debugger never hit them. ...

2. debug JSP from eclipse

Does anyone know of a good tool for debugging JSPs from within Eclipse? I'd like to be able to set and watch breakpoints, step through the Java code/tags, etc within Eclipse ...

3. please tell me where i made error in this jsp program

<%@ page import="*" %>
<%-- <%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" %> --%>
int iLf = 10;
char cLf = (char)iLf;
File outputFile = new File(generate.xml);
FileWriter outfile = new FileWriter(outputFile);
outfile.write(" <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> "+cLf);
outfile.write(" <playlist version='1' xmlns = ...

4. How to enable debug_mode for a JSP page

when you hit a serious compilation error while writing JSP pages and running under Oracle OC4J or Application Server, you can end up with the following displayed on screen:

500 ...

5. How do I debug JSPs on remote JBoss server?

I'm debugging an application on a remote server running JBoss using Eclipse. My particular problem is a NullPointerException in a JSP. The JSP has too much Java code inside ...

6. How to interact with a java servlet running on glassfish with telnet?

I have a servlet hosted in the glassfish server. i want to communicate with it using telnet to understand what is going on behind the scenes when using html form get ...

7. Get filename of source JSP file (even if included)

I am trying to do some debugging of JSP files that include multiple levels of nested includes. e.g.

  <%@ include file="bar.jsp"%>

    <%@ include file="baz.jsp"%>


8. Debug servlets with eclipse (running resin)

I am using eclipse (Java EE edition) to write Java servlets and I would like to utilize the debugging functionality. However, I was reading the tutorial to set this up ...

9. Does generation of debug information to JSP classes add much to javac execution time?

I am looking looking into the options for tweaking the performance of JBoss 5.1.0 and one of the options available to me is to disable the generation of debug information when ...

10. Efficient access to HttpServletRequest for debug prints

In order to debug failing requests I would like to print all information coming from HttpServletRequest. Now, it's possible that a request will partially fail (for ex. Several matches are successful, ...

11. "source not found" for jsp in eclipse

It is utterly frustrating. I can set breakpoints in the jsp, and they work, however the source does not get loaded into eclipse and I see the blank page with source ...

12. Java local Servlet debugging with remote connection

I don't really know where to start with this issue, so I'll just say what's wrong: I'm running some code in Eclipse that is connecting to our remote "dev" server and presumably ...

13. Stuttering start to JSP debugging in IntelliJ IDEA


When using IntelliJ IDEA to debug a JSP, I'm seeing the JSP get triggered twice before the actual request from the browser. Does anyone know why? Updated with servlet test below.


I'm using ...

14. Identifying which JSP files are running

I work on a huge jsp/servlet project and it has a templating system and it is fairly complex (hard to point which jsp files are imported because it is based ...

15. How to attach sources for JSP debugging with eclipse

I am able to set breakpoints and debug JSP files in eclipse (see this post Debug JSP from eclipse) The problem is I don't know how to attach the JSP source ...

16. a short HOW TO on ECLIM

Hi I have a list of How to unanswered. It would be great if anyone can help me in this 1) How to debug in eclim 2) How to create servlets ...

17. JSP info page debug helper

Does anyone has uses jsp debug helper page that can be dropped into any webapp or included from within another jsp page to view header, req and session attributes? can you please ...

18. How can I get a list of jsp files used in constructing a webpage through Apache Tiles 2?

I have a fairly large code base consisting of a multitude of jsp files pieced together utilizing Apache Tiles to create a web site. On any given web page on this ...

19. Can't debug servlet Eclipse + Glassfish

The server is in debugging mode. I've set 10 breakpoints and the browser just skips them all. Why? This happens with JSPs also in that project. Why?

20. Debugging JSP pages in WebLogic

I need to debug some JSP pages, served by WebLogic. So I set up the remote debug in Eclipse, set the appropriate port number. It seems to work, since entering in debug ...

21. debugging JSPs

22. Debugging JSP

23. need help on debugging jsp

24. jsp debugging

25. debug JSP

26. How to debug errors in JSP Page

27. PLS help to debug JSPs on WebLogic

28. PLS, help to debug JSPs on WebLogic

Hi, Thank you Ulf for the suggestion, I'll see what JSwat can do. I actually thought that either JBuilder or NetBeans could debug server-side JSPs. But I could be wrong; the fact that I could not find any documentation on that account made me suspect that it not an easy task. I am new to JSP, but looking at the ease ...

29. Debug JSP

30. JSP Debugging

I am not fully sure. But if you use Web Tools project of eclipse, you can configure Weblogic server in the Servers list and then deploy the application in Eclipse itself to the weblogic server. After that, you need to start the weblogic in debug mode. Then you can have breakpoint in JSP.

31. How to debug jsp page when there is no line number indication

Hello all when Im getting page error from the server that tells me the problem but dont gives me the line number? what is the best way to debug it? how can I add print messages or any other method to check where exactly the page got stock? this is the error im getting : org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for ...

32. debugging

33. How to debug jsp page

34. Debugging Servlets and JSP

35. Servlet/Jsp debugging

36. Debugging JSP's

37. Debugging JSP code?


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38. how to debug a jsp?

39. How to Debug Java Servlets on AS400

40. debugging a javabean called by jsp

41. servlet debugging

thank you all for your responses, let me explain my situation further, I work in a team develpoment environment, we have been developing a web app that is quite hefty, it is a multi tiered application, we have dozens of packages, containing servlet and non-servlet classes used as utilities and data holding/manipulating objects. Every now and then we have the folowing ...

42. debugging a servlet

43. Debugging Servlets

44. Debug in servlet

45. Debugging servlets

The best way to debug servlets that I have found is to make it so there is as little code as possible in the servlet itself, and as little code as possible which depends on "non-mockable" Servlet API classes. I typically have just enough code in the servlet to extract the parameters from the Request and the Writer from the Response, ...

46. Debugging Servlets -- Help

What's the best way to debug a servlet under Tomcat when you don't have access to the STDERR.LOG and STDOUT.LOG files (or catalina.log) files? The way I normally debug a servlet is to look at the STDOUT.LOG files for the output of my System.out.println() commands. However, since I don't have access to these logs on the commercial web server, this approach ...

47. Eclipse - debugging servlets

48. Debugging Servlets

49. Debugging a servlet program

I have a servlet invoked from an applet , i am trying to debug this servlet program , the communication between the applet and servlet is fine , in the servlet i am trying to create a file ..., which it is not doing , basically i would like to know how to view the exceptions that are thrown by the ...

51. Any recommendation on debugging JSPs?

52. having trouble debugging Servlet!!

I am having trouble debugging my servlet because I cannot find out where to put some statements to view variables at different times. When I debug my applications I can at least use System.out.println statements and view the output. I do not understand what to do with the servlet. Is there somewhere in Tomcat that the output is posted or is ...

53. To debug Servlet in Eclipse

54. How to debug a servlet

55. Debugging / Source Code Availability

Hi - we're developing web apps and have a number of binaries (JARs) which get incuded, the apps ulimately deploy to IBM's WAS. We develop the web part against Tomcat - it's much quicker. Within Tomcat we can debug our code within the JARs (we include the source when we build the JARs). However when we package the web app up ...

56. Debugging Java/JSP

Hi there I wasn't sure where to put this post so if I have put it in the wrong section I'm really sorry. What I'm trying to do is just eluding me completely. I have a jsp file that calls a function in another jsp file. As far as I can establish, each component works OK on it's own but I ...

58. JSP debugging

59. Debugging in jsp

It depends on how you are developing your code. If you are using a modern IDE, they have support. Years ago, Netbeans had it and Eclipse did not, which drove me to use NetBeans. But I'm considering going to Eclipse as NetBeans is not getting a lot of support, and I expect that Oracle won't help that, if Oracle actually can ...

60. servlet debugging

Thanks. Looks like the get request is not issued at all (atleast thats what the httpfox is hinting as I dont see any requests in it). If I execute my servlet directly from my browser say like: http://localhost:8080/abc/cde/HelloWorldExample it works. The java script is present outside the WEB-INF directory inside abc. And I pass the URL as /cde/HelloWorldExample. Is there anything ...

61. Debugging Servlet

62. J2ee debug

63. debugging jars in jboss ear file

65. debug classes in jar file

Hi, I have an Applet-Servlet kind web application that runs under tomcat 6 and my IDE is intellij IDEA 6. my applet classes are built in a jar file named dpmjar.jar that i build it with ant. My problem is debugging the applet classes. I have no problem when debugging the servlets but whenever i put breakpoints in applet classes and ...

66. how to debug the servlet

67. How to trace and debug Java in JSP

If the logging statements and your brain are not sufficient then it is because one of them is deficient. I accept that this sometimes applies - I do use a debugger sometimes - but it's not normally the case. Using the debugger should be the exception rather than the rule. Otherwise you don't understand your own code properly.

68. JSP debugging is very diffcult.

69. Problem with Servlet Debugging

I am trying to create a simple servlet created in project 'Web_Server' which makes use of a separate project 'Core_Library' to retrieve the required information and then pass them back to the requester. I am working on Eclipse using a Glassfish Server, and I cannot manage to debug the servlet. When I run a sample test application which makes use of ...

70. debugging jsp in eclipse 3.2

71. Servlet only outputs data if i debug the code, when run it outputs nothing?

Hi All, I've a servlet that i use to output data to excel. When i run the servlet, excel opens, but no data is output, yet when i debug the servlet, the data is output. This to me is strange behaviour and I dont know why this is happening. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Liz.

72. Debugging JSPs

73. Servlet debugging...

74. debugging for JSP

I do a remote debugging for my j2ee application. i want to do debugging for JSP breakpoint etc etc can you tell any such options available which would be compatible with eclipse . my server is weblogic. i heard lomboz is a plugin which does that kind of work. but when i visited lomboz site ...dont see any such capability ...