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I created a Flex project, now I want to import it into the JSP, so I have just taken the 'noscript' section and have added to my jsp. But the porblem is ...

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Is it possible to code as if you are coding for any web application [ use html, jsp, css, spring etc ], but on execution it should not require any container ...

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I have a GUI in flex. I am getting the value of the server date from the servlet to the .mxml file. I want to show the date and time dynamically ...

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Hi I am developing my application in flex and JSP, so when I am passing values through HTTP Service Post method with request object but these values are tracing and modifying ...

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my login form in flex when I login I have created a cookie in jsp like this name setValueCookie.jsp

<%@ page language="java" import="java.util.* , javax.net.*" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
<!DOCTYPE html ...

6. Send objects from flex to java servlet    stackoverflow.com

This is my method in actionscript

var urlVars : URLVariables = new URLVariables();
                urlVars.myname = byteArr;

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i am calling a page.jsp from flex application using http, i am checking for authentication on jsp page.now if user is valid than he should redirect to page2.jsp, and if user ...

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I have to access jsp variable in mxml file... or how to access jsp variable in java file...

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I have a collection of Objects in an ArrayCollection in my flex page. What is the best approach to send this data to a Java Servlet? The object in the ArrayCollection ...

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I am passing some parameters as POST to a Servlet from my Flex WebApplication. I am able to pass and retrieve strings properly. I used new Date().getTime() in my flex code ...

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I have developed a Flex application. I have also developed a Java servlet program for an Access database using Tomcat. How can I use that servlet backend for my Flex application ...

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Just trying to figure out the proper syntax for making a POST to an HTTP Servlet from Flex. A Java developer gave me this URL to call:

I want to build the ...

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I want to retrieve data from a Database and display inside a datagrid in a Flex web application. The way I'm thinking of doing it is :

  1. Send the Query data from ...

14. Is there init() method in flex like Servlet init() only one time execute    stackoverflow.com

Flex having any init(), destroy() method. Like Servlet init()method will run at Application initialize and never call it again if Refresh the Page also.

15. Calling Java Method HttpServletResponse in flex 4    stackoverflow.com

I have a service class that creates reports in xls using dynamicjasper, I wonder how I can include a button in my flex app to execute this method.

public class DownServiceRelTemp {


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i have a JEE project which contain a part implemented by Flex. i want to upgrade all the interfaces, implemented by jsp pages, to flex 4. I think that the two technologies are completely ...

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How to integrate adobe flex in jsp? May i know tutorial for learning adobe flex?

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Hi, I am working on a application where I am using adobe flex. I have a requirement wher I have to upload file to the server. System allows user to browse file from local machine and flex uploads it to the server. Now there is a upload url, its a jsp page which gets mutipart/form-data content from the request, opens an ...

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Hi, I am having the requirement that i want display my page as flash instead of html as we previously displaying With the help of jsp and now i want integrate through flex. Can any one having knowledge about flex.hlep me out. I also want sample project which include technologies like Struts, jsp, oracle and flex. Cheers Srinivasan v