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1. How does EL search for an attribute?

How does EL search for an attribute in JSP? and how to disable it? does any one know the performance of EL?

2. preserve search criteria in jsp page

I have a JSP page which display a list from servlet, it has a textbox which is used to filter the search result. I am selecting a item in the list ...

3. Searching for a standalone JSP compiler

I'm searching for a tool, which compiles a JSP file into a Java file without using a servletcontainer like Tomcat or something else. Can anyone help me out?

4. Display a file on JSP page based on the search result

Can anyone help me? I want to create a search button that will search a word in more than one text file stored on the disk and want to dispaly the ...

5. Handling the browser 'Back' button in jsp

I have a jsp search page (Search.jsp) and a result page (Result.jsp), both of them can choose search criteria. and then passed the parameters to a java controller file ( to ...

6. designing for search

I have jsp form with 10 input selection types. I want to design a search component based on these parameters. Do I have to put more if else conditions based on search ...

7. auto-complete search suggestion drop-down popup

Im trying to make a popup div (when a text-box value changes) and it can be closed (visibility: none) by clicking anywhere outside the div. Similar to Google suggestion drop-down. How can ...

8. how to show jsp in response to an ajax call to a servlet

i am sending search parameters to a search servlet using ajax and that servlet is searching the database. now i am dispatching the request to SearchResults.jsp where i am showing ...

9. How can I make a java servlet outputting a lot of data more efficient?

I have a java servlet that pulls information out of a JSON object. The JSON object consists of search results from indexed data (elastic search). This works well if there ...

10. Search with Ajax

I have a search.jsp page that waits for parameters to be sent to it so it could query the database. I intend to use ajax to pass the search parameter to ...

11. Servlet chaining using for a semantic search

I am working in an academic Semantic Web project, so I have designed and I am trying to implement a web site in order users can perform "semantic searches". I wrote ...

12. servlet to search a server

I want to write a servlet for searching a file on a Tomcat server which gives the relative location of the file.

protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

13. How to periodically add new search hits to current web page

I have a self-made framework/API and it does some database searches that can take a long time. A long time means several seconds up to minutes depending on input. The search ...

14. tried to add search.jsp to CRUDE

15. Using servlets to search for web address

Hello all, I am trying to write a java servlet that can take a request parameter from a user who is looking for a website. They would request something like "I would like to find the City of Bloomington's website." Or, "I am looking for John Doe's web site." After the sentence is processed I would like to be able to ...

16. Search

Hello Sandeep, I think nobody wants to share the idea of getting an search functionality internal to web. Let me share my ideas. First create a set of keywords and map to pages in your website. You can use a table for this. You can add more records as more keyswords come binu

17. String search

in my jsp page i have a string whose value which has some special characters what i want is i want to search if there is a special character found in my string and then replace it (there may be sometimes n number of occurences and in any order and i have to replace them ), please tell me how to ...

18. JSP search/forwarding

Hi all, Please I will appreciate if anyone can help me out with a JSP issue. The issue is "When I try to submit a page with some request data to another JSP, its taking more time to process that data with database and to generate JSP in HTML format. I need to display something like "Processing.... Please wait..." in some ...

19. search

20. help regarding implementing search within results

You may want to reconsider storing the ResultSet instance in the session. A ResultSet keeps the JDBC connection open, and your connections will pile up if a lot of sessions are created. This presumes, of course, that you are creating a separate connection for each request - either with a connection pool or not. If not, then you're sharing the same ...

21. pattern search in java script.

function CheckAlphabetic(formElement) { value = formElement.value; var alphaPattern = /\d/; if (!alphaPattern.test(value)) { return(true); } else { return false; } } im using this function to check if a name has 'digits' in it. "alphapattern.test(value)" can be replaced by ".match(value)" also. Is there someothr method to do tht?? Also other than "match,test" wht are all the methods can var(alphapattern) use?

22. search facility

Thanks fr ur reply.. My question is I have text box in a jSP.. This text box takes "last name" of teh employee. Once the form is submitted, it will go to databse and fetch the details of all teh employees , whose last name matches with the one entered in the text box.. and the results need to be displayed ...

23. how to control search result

24. String search!

25. Searching with jsp

26. Search from a JSP page

27. searching jsp files

hi i have a number of jsp files in a web app which runs on tomcat 4.1 and wish to build a search (only about 20 pages) to search on them via a form box on the on the main jsp page. do i do this through tomcat ? can i do it through the jstl tag library which i've got ...

28. search from list.

29. search

30. Search and Result Page

I have a search page that is dynamically populated from the database. It has 4 pull down menus: Artist: Genre: Parental Advisory: Location: I need to construct a SQL statement from the selections and display the results on a results.jsp page. Do you know of any good resources etc. on how to do this? Thanks

31. Search an excel spreasheet

32. searching jsp pages content

33. search utility for JSP site

34. Displaying search data

If the cities data doesn't change often, store the cities in some type of List. Each time a user clicks a different letter, such as B or M, goto the db and populate a new list of cities ordered asc for all the M cities. On the first display of the newly clicked M, display the first 10 cities in the ...

35. knkowledge base/doc search

36. regarding the TLD search

37. Displaying search results

38. Search function

39. Search certain file types

40. Search Page - question

42. webpage search and queues

44. word search in jsp

45. Paging search results and multiple browser windows

Greetings, I am using a tabular result set display binding tag library either/both of DisplayTag (Sourceforge) or DataGrid (Apache), and paging results (from a database). I can do all of this without any problems; the question I have is a question of result collection object scoping, and potentially multiple browsers open for a user session. The problem/challenge that I have is ...

46. how to code search enigine in jsp

48. search page

49. Search best way

50. How to add search in a jsp

this is my search jsp please help me out <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-bean.tld" prefix="bean" %> <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-html.tld" prefix="html" %> Welcome

Welcome To Essel Employee Information Center

Search an Employee


51. problem in search using dropdowns with same vales

I have two dropdowns in my search page one at up and one at down and both have the values of states. When I select the value from dropdown at top of page it gives the result and updates the down dropdown by states what i have selected. This is what I want. But Now when I select any location from ...

53. How to display an image like "searching..." while the jsp page is getting data

How to display an image or text like "searching... please wait" while the jsp page is getting data from database and the page take more than 1 min to show. I am invoking java class from a jsp page, using database connection in java class. so, while getting values from java class file into a jsp page, I need to display ...

54. Search Servlet

Hi All I have writteen a search servlet which brings the requested data from the databse. However i like to make little improvement to that servlet. If the search selection is big then i missed out the last records so what i would like to do to have next button if the search selection is bigger than 20. Just like the ...

55. problems with search servlet 2.1

hi i'm trying to set up a search using the following servlet Search Servlet though i'm having problems but maybe i'm just confusing myself. i have a standalone tomcat 4.0.4 server running on sunsolaris 2.6 OS. The context path in the tomcat conf/server.xml file is set to /../../library, which of course contains the directories WEB-INF/ AND WEB-INF/lib WEB-INF/classes. I have set ...

56. image search servlet

Hi guys, I'm developping a search page built in servlets/Java . I want it to use google image search for the backend. It should get a keyword, type and color and get the results then filter them based on max picture size and display as many correct pictures on the page (based on number of images required). can someone point ...

58. Searching J2EE 1.3 RI

60. Problems when viewing specific description when search

Hey hey how com when I click on the specific products there is no records This is my search servlet: package; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import; import; import java.sql.*; import java.util.*; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; /** * Servlet implementation class BeanieAdmin */ public class BeanieAdmin extends HttpServlet { public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { ...

62. Coule able to search the special charcter

I have a jsp Which will list all the shows.i have search text box which will search the show.I have added a show with name .THe same name shows in the List , but when i try to copy the same name and search it .It will display as "No List to Display". Can anyone Help me Out,Thanks in Advance Regards ...

63. Ease of web page indexing and search facilities available with Alfresco CMS

I am not sure about using Python scripts for Indexing etc... However, most of the enterprise level CMS do provide an advanced "Search Engine" or integrate with few of them. Alfresco is bundled with "Lucene", an open source and Java based search engine. Lucene is very flexible and powerful. You can index and search millions of documents, web pages and various ...

68. NPE on Load for a search box

69. searching

70. How to make my search box work

I have a serach box alongside JSP codes,please i would like to know how i can make my search box search for items in the category I created. The category consists of e-books,games,music and softwares.some codes for explanation will be appreciated. Thank you. <%@page contentType="text/html" import="java.util.*" %> <%-- \WEB-INF\jsp\workjsps\navigation.jsp --%> <%-- Navigation page --%> <%@ taglib prefix="c" ...

71. LDAP Search

73. search employee id

74. search key in servlet

i have got this code for searching a particulate word from a XML list! i just want to ask how can i make some changes in the code so that that same code could give me option for searching for 2 words or 3 words at a time example!! right now that code is giving me output of search word "ABC" ...

75. Using

77. how to search for file in jsp page

78. How to store the data in Files and search in files using jsp ?

Hi, I need to perform follow operation: step 1 : I need to store the data that is in text area box to a file. step 2 : After storing that I need to perform string search operations and show it in another text area. I need some good links or sample example for writing and reading the data to/from files. ...