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1. Java Servlet: How to handle unknown encodings?    stackoverflow.com

When a certain user tries to view our web page, a NullPointerException with the message 'charsetName' is thrown when we call response.getWriter(). I decompiled our web server's response class (JRun ...

2. encoding issues with XHTML in JSP Page    stackoverflow.com

I am using the following in my jsp page

<% response.setContentType("application/xhtml+xml"); %>
and the page renders properly except that some characters do not render correctly, for example the "copyright" character/symbol. However, if I use:
<% ...

3. How to force a JSP to send the page in ISO-8859-1?    stackoverflow.com

I wanted to send a page in ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-8. The page is built with a JSP and some content retrieved by a

4. HttpServletRequest - SetParameter    stackoverflow.com

I know that I can use HttpServletRequest.getParameter() to get the URL parameter values. Is there an equivalent method with which I can set/replace the value?

5. problem with encoding when using jspf    stackoverflow.com

When I include jspf inside jsp page such as:

<jsp:include page="anyJSPF.jspf">
the encoding of all Arabic contents has been unreadable. Where can I set encoding style to UTF-8 when including jspf? I need to ...

6. Encoding used for JSESSIONID?    stackoverflow.com

I am curious to know which encoding is used for jsessionid. The jsessionid value always contains only alphanumeric characters but nothing else, which makes that kind of encoding safer to user ...

7. Page encoding in JSP    stackoverflow.com

I am having two jsp say "first.jsp" and "second.jsp" which is included in "first.jsp". I wanted to display trade mark symbol in jsp so I used

  <%@ page pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
in ...

8. Arabic encoding in Java Studio Creator    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Java Studio Creator with a MySQL dataBase to build my new small system.. When I pass Arabic characters from the browser to the MySQL database, they appear ...

9. When changing the encoding setting in IE, the jsp page get the error Webpage has expired    stackoverflow.com

I write a jsp page and run it in jboss. When I change the encoding setting in IE, the page get the error Webpage has expired. I want to know how ...

10. JSP to Excel encoding problem. Value=?    stackoverflow.com

Jsp page shows arabic character verywell as like this:

about something bla bla ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ...

11. How to properly encode jsp's created in Eclipse to work with Weblogic 11g. (10.3.5)    stackoverflow.com

my problem concerns using Eclipse to create jsp's for deployment onto Weblogic. There seems to be new functionality in Weblogic 11g that detects when a files encoding does not match the ...

12. How do I send Http trailers/footers in a chunked response from within a java servlet?    stackoverflow.com

Basically my response headers contain Transfer-encoding=chunked, Trailer=[some trailer I want to send say e.g "SomeTrailer"] Once I'm done writing the data to the Servlet outputstream, I'm writing the trailer "SomeTrailer:[value]", but this is not being ...

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14. gif encoding    coderanch.com

Hi, I want to generate a number of rectangular boxes with text in each box just like flowcharts.I havent tried anuthing on this but just have the concept in mind.I want to generate it on the fly using jsp pages.For this i need to draw the image on to a virtual awt.Panel object.I am using the GifEncoder API provided by acme ...

15. encoding problem, please help    coderanch.com

Hello all I am using tomcat3.3/servlet2.2/Jsp1.1, linux server I am making some Japanese html, JSP pages, and I specify all the encoding to be "Shift-JIS" by or <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=shift_jis" %> I am using servlet to read input from request and instore them into DB. I find everything seems to be working fine if all user sessions ...

16. default encoding problems    coderanch.com

my old server is redhat 7.1 + tomcat 4.0 + mysql I fix my problems by 1. add LANG=th_TH to catalina and 2. add <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=TIS620" %> to my jsp page This can solve my problems.... but!! my new server is redhar 7.3 + tomcat 4.1.10 + mysql I can't use my old code... it display "???" with any ...

17. Encoding question    coderanch.com

I am trying to display data from database (Shift_JIS format) on a JSP. The data being displayed is garbage as encoding of page is Western European, fair enough. If I change the encoding of page by <@page > directive of main page(which includes other jsps) to shift_jis, the encoding is set properly but data is still garbage. If I display data ...

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19. GIF encoding in JSP    coderanch.com

Yes I know using a JSP over a Servlet is a bit strange but its because my project will be put on a college server where there was/is an issue over Servlets working. The JSPs work fine though so I would prefer to do the GIF drawing and encoding like that if its possible. Secondly I can't use any packages because ...

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21. Encoding ISO8859    coderanch.com

Hi all, My database is a EAServer which the charset is ISO_8859_1. When I use to input the chinese data into database (for example company table), I am getting unreadable data that insert the value into it. I don't know whether the data is the ISO_8859_1 data or not. And after I retrieve the value, I use new String(returnValue.getBytes("ISO_8859_1"), "Big5"); to ...

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24. arabic encoding problem    coderanch.com

Hello everybody I have a problem with arabic encoding . - if i didn't set any encoding for the jsp page the encoding is set automatically for : Wesstern European(ISO) and the arabic letters are not readable untill I set the encoding with my self for each page from : view>>Encoding menu example : http://www.saidalany.com/1.jsp - if i set the encoding ...

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26. arabic encoding problem with jsp    coderanch.com

Dear All, I read many messages about the same problem . but I didn't find out the soloution yet . in breif : - I use this code at the top of all jsp pages : <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=windows-1256" %> - when i write arabic text in simple jsp file , it's fine - when i try to retrieve any ...

28. Charset & encoding Problem    coderanch.com

Hi, i am using the jsp page encoding UTF-8 ,but when i try inserting some special characters ,say some german chars like ,, ,they are getting stored in database in a different format.The database is DB2 .is it a problem with the character encoding used by the jsp? any help highly appreciated. Thanks Rajendar

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36. runtime encoding probolem    coderanch.com

Hi folks In my jsp iam going to populate special characters (<>(*&), it is working fine, but if i substring that one to certain limit(for ex:10) for example if i give like --> &<> to populate in jsp it is taking as --> &<> and it is going to substring and it is taking upto--> &<& but the xml parser not ...

37. is it jsp page encoding problem?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am facing really weird problem. I have javascript in my jsp, which encode/decode password entered by user and store in cookie. When I insert encode/decode script in jsp, I get jsp exception, everytime pointing at diffrent line. After removing this script everything works as expe cted. But I really want to use this Java script but couldnt get ...

38. Question: How do you send a JSP page as compressed GZIP encoding?    coderanch.com

Hi Bill, For example, the below servlet code 'sniffs' the client browser. If the browser accepts gzip encoding, the servlet sends the html output via gzip encoding. If the browser is old (ex: Netscape 3.0) and doesn't accept gzip encoding, the html output is sent normally. I imagine that delivering html content in gzip-compressed format can make a big difference to ...

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41. Encoding problem in servlet    coderanch.com

Dear All, I hope all of you get this mail in good health and mode. Please i need your help at some problem. I'm developing a web site using apahce server as a web server and the site will be in a language other than English. I'm using a db2 database. The problem happend as it's: 1) I get the parameters ...

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45. HttpServletRequest getReader() - encoding problem    coderanch.com

To overcome the problem of receiving request POST parameters with chunked transfer encoding, I am using the following code... //request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8"); //makes no difference! BufferedReader paramsReader = request.getReader(); String paramsString = paramsReader.readLine(); ...to obtain the paramsString. One of the parameter values being sent is an email address, but the "@" symbol is turned into "%40". Presumably, request.getReader() is using the wrong encoding, ...

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53. HttpServletResponse encoding problem when using IE (internet explorer)    forums.oracle.com

Could be any number of places. You could have your servlet container hard-coded to use that for responses. You could have wrapped the servlet response's output stream with a Writer that by default used ISO-8859-1. And so on. You should examine the headers which are being sent to your browser to see where rogue encodings are sneaking in. This is easier ...

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55. Problem with Content Encoding within a Servlet    forums.oracle.com

**** ADDED - I thought I could work around this by just adding another header that the URLReader could query. However, again, on the development machine, everything works fine, the new header is returned. On the production machine, the header is not returned. So I added code to the servlet to simply write something to the logs so that I can ...

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57. Servlet encoding    forums.oracle.com

There are two fields in my database that need to contain cyrillic text. The database is set up correctly with nvarchar datatypes. The jsp's are encoded correctly also. When the user enters cyrillic into a text box on the jsp and then submits it then goes through the servlet to enter to the database, by the time it gets entered into ...