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7. Understanding Expression Language

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10. EL Expressions not being evaluated

I am working on a page that I didn't write and my EL expressions aren't being evaluated. They are being printed out as text in the browser. The entire page is inside a custom tag but the tld for the tag allows a body content of "JSP". Is there any other reasons EL expressions might not evaluate that I should check ...

11. Expression Language

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14. jsp expressions doubt ???

------------------------------------------------ String username = request.getParameter("user"); String passwd = request.getParameter("pwd"); s.executeUpdate("insert into login values ( %> <%= username %> <%,%> <%= passwd %> <% )"); %> ------------------------------------------------ this code gives me the following errors .... ------------------------------------------------ String not terminated at end of line. s.executeUpdate("insert into login values ( ^ ')' expected. // end ^ String not terminated at end of line. )"); ...

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16. How to use Regular expression in Jsp

17. How to use Regular expression in Jsp

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19. JSP Expression Language

20. Expression <%= new Counter() %>

If you are new to JSP, you should start with some good habits right off the bat. The use of Java scriptlet and scriptlet expressions in JSP pages is no longer considered a good practice. Be sure to find yourself a modern tutorial that focuses on use of the JSTL and EL in JSP pages rather than scriptlets.

23. EL expressions not evaluating

the taglib directive you mentioned is for the jstl i.e basically the tags , it has nothing to do with the expression language. Even if you remove the taglib directive your EL expressions should work so I am thinking that might not be the reason for the problem. .. if anyone knows more info on the reason for the ...

24. EL expressions not working on remote server

Hi, I just deployed on the remote server an application that is working perfectly on my laptop, but not on the remote machine. The problem is that expressions like ${news.titolo} are not translated: on the rendered page I'm getting exactly ${news.titolo} instead the real value. I think I'm simply missing one or more jar file: I already tried moving el.jar into ...

25. Writing a for loop in EL expression

28. Expression Language

29. Accessing a variable from both EL and JSP Expression?

I have a JSP script where I use JSTL to loop over a Result object which contains a set of database records. All I'm doing is printing the field values of each record except for one field which contains a user id. I need to look up the user name in another table from the user id. To look the username ...

30. Expression Language

31. Expression Language

32. Expression Language

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34. Expression language

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42. Can't get familiar with Expression Language

Thanks for your reply . I'll try to explain myself better. I am trying to include a jsp in another one, and I wish to use the tag in to let my first jsp pass a PcTask object , which details should be details in my "son" jsp. How should I do that ? I think I should put that ...

46. Comparing Two EL Expressions

47. EL expression - order of evaluation?

Excuse the bloated code, this is just a test setup for proof-of-concept thing. A servlet is creating maps with information about stored procedures and then an array of the names of those maps, like so: Map sp1 = new HashMap(); Map sp2 = new HashMap(); sp1.put("desc", "Downtime"); sp1.put("path", "pdp00003"); sp1.put("numparams", "3"); sp1.put("param1", "startdate"); sp1.put("param2", "enddate"); sp1.put("param3", "machinenum"); request.setAttribute("sp1", sp1); sp2.put("desc", "Uptime"); ...

48. Servlet Error -illegal start of expression

hello Everybody, I have written code to send mail to someone's mailbox when I am compiling the code it is displaying 2 errors here is my code : import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import javax.mail.*; import javax.mail.internet.*; import java.util.*; import*; public class Mails extends HttpServlet { public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { printwriter out=response.getwriter(); response.setcontenttype("text/html"); { String d_email ...

49. JSP EL Expressions not resolving

I am attempting to create my first portlet. I am running the liferay 4.1 with tomcat 5.5 container. I am having problems with the simplest EL expressions not resolving. I even tried a simple , and i just get the text as is. If I replace the EL expression with <%=1+2+3%> it works, but the EL expressions does not. Any ...

51. expression won't gets evaulated in jsp page

52. Expression Language not showing value on jsp page

I don't see anything which enables the EL to identify "cookie" as a variable. I don't see any class which has a getMxsesid() method, which would have to return an object of some class with a getValue() method. I don't see anything like that. So I assume that one or more of those things is missing.