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1. What is the difference between http servlet and soap over http

Asked in the interview: What is the difference between http servlet and soap over http? What the advantages and disadvantages of both? In which case would use which?

2. Servlet Instance in the container

I knew only one servlet instance (One instance for one servlet basis) will be avilable in the web container. Is it possible to make a pool of instance in the web ...

3. Is there anything that can be implemented with Servlets and not with JSPs or vice versa

We know that JSPs gets converted to Servlets, Servlets are for the Buisines logic and JSPs for the view etc... But theoretically, you can do most of the things you do ...

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This was actually an excellent interview question. It's also one that shouldn't be answered, at least directly, in forum like this. Doing so contributes to that class of people who know just enough to get themselves in trouble. JSP, on the surface, looks very similar to ASP or PHP. Under the surface, there are some very important differences. Thinking that your ...

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18. Questions Asked at interview

Who would ask this at an interview ? !! I agree, these are strange questions to ask in an interview. Most of these can be answered easily within a few minutes given access to the API docs, the specifications and Google. The fact that an applicant remembers these is testimony of a level of basic experience, and of a memory for ...

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Some of them are already answered here. This thread has some new questions so I won't close it, but it is easier for us if you don't post duplicate threads. Sorry if you feel we aren't being helpful, but the JavaRanch has a strong tradition of teaching, we prefer not to just hand out answers without knkowing whether it really helps ...

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1.What methods are used in servlet-applet communication?? 2.Can u use javaScript in Servlets ? 3.If my browser does not support Cookie,and my server sends a cookie instance What will happen ? (I think the cookie won't be saved on the client side..??) 4.What is the capacity the doGet can send to the server ? This is a question from interview. Thanks ...

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35. Interview question: can you make a servlet as singleton?

can you make a servlet as singleton.. this is a question asked in an interview.. According to my knowledge , as the servlet object is created by the container , we can't create it.. as it calls the default constructor while creating servlet. The only method i know to make an object singleton is 1) making its constructor private and 2)giving ...