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1. IP subnet verification in JSP    stackoverflow.com

I have the following JSP code, that protects my web page and displays it only to know IP's

String ip_h = request.getRemoteAddr();  
String host_h = request.getRemoteHost();  
String iplist[] = new ...

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whats the best way of preventing someone from voting twice? How do i get the users ip address? What if they are on a large network? will everyone on that network ...

3. How do I determine the IP address of a web client (for a JSP)?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to find out the ip address of the client that is visiting my web pages. Content of JSP page:

out.print( request.getRemoteAddr() + "<br>");
out.print( request.getRemoteHost() ); 

4. Problem with JSP getRemoteAddress    stackoverflow.com

I would like to find out how to get IP address of the client, that is visiting my web pages. Content of JSP page:

out.print( request.getRemoteAddr() + "<br>");
out.print( request.getRemoteHost() ); 

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I am trying to run a jsp app on my machine ip: and want to get it in system with ip but giving the url is not working ( we ...

6. How to access Java servlet running on my PC from outside?    stackoverflow.com

I used Netbeans6.7 to write a servlet, when it runs, it opens a browser window with this address : http://localhost:8080/My_App/Test_Servlet, I replaced the "localhost" with my IP address, now ...

7. In JSP page I want to get IP address of user who view the page. How?    stackoverflow.com

In JSP page I want to get IP address of user who view the page. How can ?

8. How to get the Node's server IP behind a load balancer in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a webpage behind a load balancer, and I want to display the user (for troubleshooting purposes) the IP of the actual node that the user is connected to (will ...

9. What is the reliable approach to get the end user IP address from the server side?    stackoverflow.com

I use JSP in server side and want to validate that, an user must not log in from two different IP addresses. What is the method to do this validation? And some ...

10. How to Get the Local Area Network IP Address using jsp page?    stackoverflow.com

I have my Application written in JSP and Servlet page.Whenvever i trying to track the user's ip address it returns the Global IP Address of the mahcine(proxy server address), Not Local ...

11. can I get Country name from clientIp?    stackoverflow.com

// I get clientIp with below statement.
request.setAttribute("clientIp", clientIp);

// I use below statement to see clientIp on JSP page.
<%=response.encodeURL((String)request.getAttribute("clientIp")) %>
I wonder can I also show Country name from clientIP? Like: U.S.A ...

12. Why does getRemoteAddr() return an ip address as a string?    stackoverflow.com

Is there a reason that ServletRequest.getRemoteAddr() returns the clients ip address as a string instead of as an int/long/IPSomethingInstance? Or asked an other way: Is there any case where the value ...

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I am making a file sharing application which would look for computers which are running the application on the same network. So I would like my application to discover computers and ...

14. Get Client IP from a Server JSP [Security]    stackoverflow.com

I want to know security issue using jsp method request.getRemoteAddr();. I want to filter some client IP (I can't use firewall :-(). I was wondering in this way an attacker can change the ...

15. Block a IP Address in JSP    bytes.com

Congratulation to your achievement. Do you like to show us the design you have done? Maybe we can learn from it if you post it under forum "insights".

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18. Local JSP app without dependence on TCP/IP?    coderanch.com

I want to install a JSP based application on a client system. The application is all local. The problem is if I install Tomcat and a use web browser the users TCP/IP settings such as proxy server settings can break my application. For a browser I use a simple MFC window with a WebBrowser activeX control hardcoded to navigate to my ...

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Hi, I have one unique problem. I hv developed one page(HTML) in my server from which i am calling one page(HTML) in my client server, which is at remote location.(ie the request will be entertained only if it comes from my server IP Address). I have given my server IP Address to my client and accordingly any request going from my ...

23. Can I get the machine name or IP?    coderanch.com

I have a web application which runs on our company intranet. The application uses JSPs and JavaBeans (no EJBs) and runs on WebSphere App Server version 4.0.3. I would like to know if it is possible to get the machine name or IP of the pc that is used to access the application. I would like to store the machine name ...

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26. how to know ip address in JSP    coderanch.com

hi rekha, request.getRemoteAddr() is the method to do that as william said. you might be trying to access the JSP page from same machine on which you server is. in that case of course the IP address returned will the of the same localhost machine. try acessing the page from some other machine other then server and then see what is ...

27. need help on jsp, tcp/ip, socket    coderanch.com

No there is no need to hard code the values in the servlet. If you need help with something specific, you will need to ask a specific question. Something along the lines of: How do set initialization parameters in a servlet? Or How do I parse parameters passed to a servlet from a web page form? If you don't understand servlet ...

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39. Determining client ip in servlet?    coderanch.com

getRemoteHost public java.lang.String getRemoteHost() Returns the fully qualified name of the client that sent the request, or the IP address of the client, if the name cannot be determined. For HTTP servlets, same as the value of the CGI variable REMOTE_HOST. Returns: a String containing the fully qualified name of the client

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54. get client's IP adress without servlets or jsp?    coderanch.com

Hello, I am working on a game where I amongst others have a GUI GamepickScreen, Gamechooser, Game and Player object. Now the server based Gamechooser class handles the login of the user, and being able to choose a session from a list of games. It sends that information to the client based GUI Gamepickscreen. During the login method a new Player ...

55. Need client ip    coderanch.com

Hi! I am developing a web application. That web application will be hosted in a web server. At one point, I need to know the ip of the client which connects to the web server and uses the web application. I am trying to look for a javascript command that provides me that but so far I have found nothing. Can ...

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