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i want to lookup object from servlet to jdbc through JNDI what is the exact code for this process?

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I have my application logic divided into 3 servlets, two of them connecting to a database. Both of them get database connections by:

Context context = new InitialContext();
DataSource dataSource = (DataSource) context.lookup("java:comp/env/jdbc/AutoMedScan");
There problem ...

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I'm trying to lookup the web context root URL from JNDI per the Servlet 3.0 Specification:

15.2.3 JNDI Name for Web Module Context Root URL ...

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hi ranchers, As we all know how simple language we use to define a really complicated technological term. after having lookup all over internet. i am back here with the same question. i desperately want a definition in Head First way. What is JNDI? how does it work. thank you folks vijay.

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Hi, I am new to EJB3 and am unsure if this is possible, any help would be greatly appreciated. Say I have a public interface MyInterface which has some methods and a string: public final static String JNDI_NAME = ".../ejb/MySlsb/remote" And then I have a slsb MySlsb that implements MyInterface and has a string: public final static String NAME = "MySlsb" ...

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I've been doing Java for a while now, but looking at JNDI leaves me stumped. Is JNDI still used a lot, say, with Tomcat? I realize JNDI is probably a preferred way to do things, but I'm often left with the question: "But is the complexity (of this particular Java technology)... worth it?" There don't seem to be any easy JNDI ...

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Hi All, Some applications are running in a jboss server like App1, app2 app3 app4 app5 app6. I need to remove app5 and app6 and redeploy the into other JBoss server. Other applications will interact with app5 and app6 through the adapter classes. . These adapters reference a common properties file to retrieve the java.naming.provider.url in order to perform a JNDI ...

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1) Are your jars on your classpath ? 2) then double check (unzip) that class in is the jars (it's meant to be). Now possibly what is the problem .. 3) Check the class file (java) versions of the related classes eg if old java tries to link to new class files it'll say can't find the file when what it ...

29. JNDI lookup    coderanch.com

Hi All, please see the scenario.. There are two instance of a Jboss server jbdv01s and jbdv01c. here jbdv01s has an sales application which is calling a service application in the same environment(jbdv01s). The Flow is given below: Sales application calls one service application through a intermediate class called adapter class. The jar file of the adapter class has packaged with ...

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I have a situation in which I need distributed access to a pool of shared resources. We have an server application that we have purchased, say, 10 licenses for. That means there are 10 distinct accounts which cannot be used concurrently (can't login more than once at a time). I would like to pre-create those connections and store them in JNDI ...

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Hi, I believe there is a way to point at a properties file and read from the properties file using JNDI. I want to be able to pass in a JVM arg pointing to my JNDI properties file and then know how to read from this file JVM arg: $properties.file="C\temp\jndi.properties" Then I want to know a code snippet that will show ...

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Pardon me for butting in, but I came to ask about the same problem (I think). I've been trying to get a simple stateless session bean (EJB3) to work, a calculator that has one function, add, that takes 2 doubles and returns a double. I've tried it using Eclipse and Netbeans, on Windows and linux. I've tried every tip I could ...

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Hi, I'm sure this is a problem a lot of other people have come across but there seems to be very little coherent discussion on the issue, so I'd very much appreciate any views people might have on the matter. The problem is whether or not you compromise your object-oriented principles and stick with the EJB dependency injection annotations and a ...

40. jndi initial factory    coderanch.com

Whenever we make a jndi look up we specify a set of initial property set. In this one is the url to the server. Another is the initial factory class name. 1. What is this initial factory class? 2. What does it do? 3. Where does it reside, on the client or on the server? 4. If I have webpshere as ...

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g'day, I have been banging my head against this particular wall for a few days now with nothing to show execpt an increasingly red mark on my forehead. I have 2 JBoss appservers and I want to perform a remote ejb call from appserver 'A' to appserver 'B'. I start by creating an InitialContext, using a hashmap to specify the ipaddress ...

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hii. i am simply trying to access a deployed bean in IBM websphere,but i don't want to embed the naming server details in the client code,i want it to be there in a jndi.properties file...and i have done so.... the contents of jndi.properties are as follows..... Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY=com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContexDirecotory Context.PROVIDER_URL=corbaloc:iiop:localhost:2809 and i have added the location of this file into the classpath, but ...

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There are only two names resource-ref name and the real datasource name. The JNDI name you use to lookup (resource-ref name) doesn't have to be the same as the one you created in your application server. Most application servers have vendor specific deployment descriptor that you can you use to map your resource-ref name to the real datasource name. And the ...

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Howdy ranchers, I've a lot of questions related to JNDI resources in Java EE and Java SE. Some of them might me novice but please answer them as I am a bit confused. So, here I go... 1. What is Java:comp/env exactly? Is it related to Java EE only? For example, I create a JNDI data source named jdbc/sqlSource in, say, ...

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There's a shortcut which I found after lots of sifting through online resources/specs and Summary: 1. you just need to create your own jndi.properties like a regular .properties file (start a plaintext file in your IDE and rename .properties, or, just a basic text editor like vi or notepad) 2. set the JMS properties to the location of your actual JMS ...

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I am working in the RSA and Web Sphere environment ... Already declared resource-ref-id in the Web.xml as url/sampleName and using initCx.lookup("url/sampleName") .. but i am getting the follwing error. Could load properties file. Context : ... /server1 . Name : url/sampleName . First Component in the Name is not found. Can you guys please help me out Regards Raj

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Hello All, I am storing one-way hash (SSHA) of my password in a custom attribute in TDS (Tivoli Directory Server) using JNDI. The hashing is done at the server end. Is there any way to compare the password at the server end using JNDI ? I am able to compare the password using "ldapcompare" utility that comes along with TDS. But ...

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[color=blue] Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of JNDI.I went through many articles.But iam not getting the purpose of JNDI. Please correct me if iam wrong anywhere. Below is my understanding and Questions about JNDI API It has two services - Naming and Directory Services. 1) Naming Services are used to locate an object which is mapped with ...

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package examples.simple; public class SimpleQueueSender { public static void main(String[] args) { String queueName = null; Context jndiContext = null; QueueConnectionFactory queueConnectionFactory = null; QueueConnection queueConnection = null; QueueSession queueSession = null; Queue queue = null; QueueSender queueSender = null; TextMessage message = null; final int NUM_MSGS; if ( (args.length < 1) || (args.length > 2) ) { System.out.println("Usage: java SimpleQueueSender ...

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Hello Users I have written a web based hibernate application it includes following a html page( a baen(Event) a servlet(EventManagerServlet) servler.xml web.xml my error is Unreported Naming Exception: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name jdbc is not bound in this Context EventManagerServlet.java package events; import util.HibernateUtil; import org.hibernate.*; import org.hibernate.Hibernate; import org.hibernate.criterion.Expression; import javax.servlet.http.*; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import javax.servlet.*; import ...

83. How can we do a JNDI look up from a JSP?    forums.oracle.com

A JNDI lookup from a JSP is not different from that of any EJB client. Refer to any EJB tutorial for sample code. There also taglibs for JNDI lookup available on the Internet. However, I would strongly suggest to leave the JSP for presentation, and do the look up in a "normal" java class (POJO). Same thing for DB lookup, which ...