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1. JSP files won't compile - JSPTranslator.CouldNotLoadClass    stackoverflow.com

I have 6 JSP applications running on a Windows Server 2003 box with JRun 4 with Updater 7 and the Java 1.6.0_14. All of my applications are working just fine ...

2. JRun Servlet Error when attepting to use java object    stackoverflow.com

We have a site in ColdFusion which integrates with a credit card provider using java components. When calling a particular function on a java object:

<cfset ResponseObject = AgentObject.request(RequestObject, LogObject)>
Where ResponseObject, AgentObject and ...

3. JRun does not sendRedirect() properly    coderanch.com

Hi friends, While sendRedirecting to target urljrun appends ;jsessionid= to the url which results in page cannot be find displayed. Both source site and target site are served under same server and same web-application How could we stop Jrun appending this jrunsessionid stuff to the url. Any settings needs to be changed in JRun server settings Please help Thanks in advance ...

4. Problem running my first JSP using JRun    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Ria Mathur: I am trying to run my first JSP page with JRun, The code is plain "hello world" in HTML, but I am getting internal server error 500 when I try to view the page. The same installation of JRun runs servlets w/o any problem, so there's is no problem with the installation.

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6. JRun doesn't recognize any new JSP file    coderanch.com

Occationally my JRun on Unix (with apache web server) had a problem that it can only recognize the existing jsp files, but when you create a new jsp file, it just can't display and shows servletexception. I think there are lot of people using JRun, Has anyone had the same problem before ? Thanks, Mike

8. JRUN & XML    coderanch.com

you need to update your parser - it looks like the parser that is provided with your JRun is too old to support some service you are depending. If you have a copy of xerces somewhere I would recommend putting it into the classpath in such a way that it is installed first. I cant remember how to do this on ...

9. Do anyone develop jsp with JRun?About taglib in JRun    coderanch.com

I have a tld for a set of custom tags. This is developed under tomcat4 and it run successfully. But the deployment is on JRun. Jrun gives the following unhelpful error on any pages which use the tags. JRun Servlet Error

500 Internal Server Error

 /ardeo/purchasemaster/ListBaskets.jsp: Error parsing TLD '/dbpager.tld': null. java.lang.NullPointerException at allaire.jrun.jsp.TagLibraryClassLoader.loadClass(JRunTagLibraryInfo.java:872) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:255) at allaire.jrun.jsp.JRunTagLibraryInfo.getPropertyType(JRunTagLibraryInfo.java:725) at allaire.jrun.jsp.JRunTagLibraryInfo.buildAttributeInfo(JRunTagLibraryInfo.java:705) at ...

11. resolving path to absolute on JRun    coderanch.com

Hi, I have an upload form and I'm targeting the destination of the file to the web-inf/classes directory in the app. Working in tomcat, if I go (off the top of my head, could be slightly off): String path = MyClass.class.getResource("/").toFile(); This miraculously returns me the directory web-inf/classes. But this isn't the case for JRun, it returns me some directory inaccessible ...

12. Problem for getServletConfig in JRun    coderanch.com

Hi, My company has bought JRUN4.0 and migrate some JSP from tomcat to it. However, I get problem when run the web. I hope someone can help me. I had some values (context parameter) in the web.xml and want to get them from the JSP. However, the JSP can't get the value. The Jrun shows that can't find the method and ...

13. Jrun, jsp:setProperty, null string array elements    coderanch.com

Hello All; I have a JSP web page which runs fine with Tomcat, but not with Jrun 4.0. The web page uses jsp:setProperty to read a bunch of textboxes all having the same name into a Javabean, where they appear as a string array. The problem occuring with Jrun is that if any of the textboxes on the web page are ...

14. jsp and jrun    coderanch.com

hi, im using jsp with jrun server. its working fine in single pc but if i want to access the jsp pages from the network from other pc it will not come may be the configuration for client side i dont know pls tell me how i configure jrun for access the pages from other computer in network

15. Running JSP using JRun Server    coderanch.com

firstly i would like to know if i can deploy jrun on its own without apache. secondly i would like to know why i could be getting the error that i am about to describe. i am using jrun 4.0 on linux 7.3 and i followed the instructions on the macromedia web site to deploy a war in teh default directory. ...

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17. JSP Parsing error with JRun    coderanch.com

Help! I've got a large JSP with a significant amount of HTML in it (about 40 pages if I printed it out). Currently the page is only HTML- no JSP tags except for: <@% page buffer="100kb"%> What happens is that when I run the JSP through JRun/Apache, it displays part of the HTML correctly, then shows a fragment of HTML code(something ...

18. Can I use JRun to run JSP    coderanch.com

My jsp code is Greetings <% for(int i=0;i<5;i++) { %>

Hello World!

<% } %> First of all how do I deploy the jsp file in the JRun? Is it enough to save the file under the specified directory? It is giving the error: 404 Not Found /MyFirstJspPage.jsp: allaire.jrun.JRunServletException: The page /MyFirstJspPage.jsp could not be ...

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20. JSP is not Running under JRun --Pl Help Me    coderanch.com

Hello, I'm having windows'98, JRun, Jre1.2.2.007. I can able to run servlet pgms. But i couldn't able to run JSP programs. even the example pgm given by the Jrun Management console (ie) MyFirstJspPage.jsp It gives the following error: The code for MyFirstJspPage is: Greetings <% for(int i=0;i<5;i++) { %>

Hello World!

<% } %> while ...

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It is hard to say what the problem could be, but based on the little iformation that you have given I would say you have a configuration problem . Basically if the servlet works fine on another Machine . Then there must be some difference. COuld it be that you are trying to retrieve some external resource and the servlet can ...

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There could be lots of things. Are you putting your servlet code in the WEB-INF/classes folder of your web application, and are you deploying it in the web.xml file for the same web application? If so, send in more info about what exactly you tried, and we'll see about getting your servlet working.

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