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I have an application in which most requests are submitted via AJAX, though some are submitted via "regular" HTTP requests. If a request is submitted and the user's session has timed ...

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I need to render JSON data in my JSPs for some AJAX requests. I'd like to know what's the best way to do it in terms of easy to use and ...

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i have a json object in a javascript file. i have to pass this object to a jsp file.the jsp picks up this object and processes it. how can i do ...

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i have a JSON object passed to the jsp page. it is passed as a string. now i have to parse this string and retrieve the values that are passed through ...

5. read a JSON object in java    stackoverflow.com

how can we read a JSON object in a JSP , Servlet or in any other java program?

6. How can I retrieve a feed in JSON from a Java Servlet?    stackoverflow.com

I want to make an Http request and store the result in a JSONObject. I haven't worked much with servlets, so I am unsure as to whether I am 1) ...

7. How do you return a JSON object from a Java Servlet    stackoverflow.com

How do you return a JSON object form a Java servlet. Previously when doing AJAX with a servlet I have returned a string. Is there a JSON object type that needs to ...

8. DataGrid in Dojo , with json data from a servlet    stackoverflow.com

i am using JSON for first time... and want to fill my datagrid with my JSON data, this is my JSON data, { "head": { "vars": [ "s" , "fname" ...

9. HttpServletResponse XML to Java    stackoverflow.com

I am maintaining this servlet that has a HttpServletResponse response that replies back to the client an XML message. I want to take the XML message and convert it to JSON, ...

10. passing json from servlet to dojo    stackoverflow.com

I am currently trying to pass a generated JSON string to dojo for parsing and am having some issues. The servlet simply writes it as a string as so:

response.getWriter().append("{ \"data\": ...

11. How to get JSON object in Servlet from JSP?    stackoverflow.com

In JSP page I have written:

var sel = document.getElementById("Wimax");
var ip = sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value;
var param;
var url = 'ConfigurationServlet?ActionID=Configuration_Physical_Get';
httpRequest = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
httpRequest.open("POST", url, true);
httpRequest.onreadystatechange = handler(){
if (httpRequest.readyState == 4) {
if (httpRequest.status == 200) {
param ...

12. How do I make a third party .jar available to my .jsp page?    stackoverflow.com

I'm just starting to learn JSP (and I'm pretty new to Java in general), and I'd like to use JSON-lib with it. I want to make a page something ...

13. NPE not occuring or being caught in Servlet    stackoverflow.com

I have a pretty basic Servlet

public class DreambearLoginServlet extends HttpServlet {

    public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws ServletException, IOException {


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A while back i was given the answer of using json to pass things from my application to java script. What i don't understand is how i actually pass the object ...

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Hello Im trying to pass an array from javascript to java servlet using Jackson, how this can be done..thanks

16. How to Create JSON Array    stackoverflow.com

How to create something like this using jsp or java :

    "Maths" : [ 

17. JSON Array Question    stackoverflow.com

How to use jsp to get json resulting in folowing format ?


     "firstName": "John",

     "lastName": "Smith",

    "address": {


18. How can i get the colon in my jsp page while using Json?    stackoverflow.com

In my project I am using a JSON object. Here, they format the actual string into a JSON object. Wherever a colon occurs it will separate and print it in different lines ...

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I wonder if anybody could provide me with any assistance to the following problem I am having with my JS project? I basically have information about a product being pulled from out ...

20. How to retrieve the content/file in JSP?    stackoverflow.com

I have a question about the JSP. I have a JSON file in the server and the content is like the following:

{ "class":

21. writing JSON with JSP    stackoverflow.com

You would probably do this automatically with some library. But I am new with Java and JSON and I need a quick sollution. What I would like is to write down (echo) ...

22. Which books are good for JSP, Servlets, Ajax and JSON?    stackoverflow.com

An introductory book will suffice because I need to know only about the basics.

23. how to create Jqgrid using jsp    stackoverflow.com

I am very new in jquery and json.i know jsp and java in my project job i have to implement a data grid same like shows in http://www.trirand.com/blog/jqgrid/jqgrid.html# i this example ...

24. JSON, Servlet, JSP    stackoverflow.com

Firstly, my HTTP POST through a URL accepts 4 parameters. (Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4). Can I pass the parameters from the database? Once the URL is entered, the information returned will be in ...

25. Including json retrieved data persistently across multiple pages in a site... best practice?    stackoverflow.com

On this site each page is made up of multiple .jsp files. There is a main page that contains the bulk of the page content but then navigation is handled by ...

26. Error I got while trying to make json work in a jsp page . How to debug this?    stackoverflow.com

<%@ page language="java" import="net.sf.json.JSONArray" %>

  JSONArray arrayObj=new JSONArray();
   arrayObj.add("Amit Kumar");
   arrayObj.add(new Double(66.67));
<h2>Array Object ...

27. How to use this certain API in JSP , using javascript and JSON?    stackoverflow.com

I have an API of a website which I have to use to get information from the website , after the user gives an input . The API here returns XML ...

28. Why Response and JSON tab is different in firebug    stackoverflow.com

My Servlet

public class JSONServlet extends HttpServlet {
private static Gson gson = new Gson();
public void doPost (HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)  throws ServletException, IOException

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I have a query on retrieving data sent as JSON from a JavaScript, inside a Java servlet. Following is what I am doing... This is the part of the code inside JavaScript ...

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HI.. i am calling jsp page from flex using http request,but i am getting error : "Body could not be parsed as valid XML/AMF/JSON." in the network monitor response tab i am getting ...

31. RESTful WebService: How does a server send both View & JSON/XML?    stackoverflow.com

I've coded a few, albeit small RESTful Web Services (RWS) before. But In those cases there was total control over the view (presentation layer) i.e., the view was a locally running ...

32. Flow of Jsp -> Javascript webpage (Ajax?)    stackoverflow.com

I am making a website but I get a bit lost programming dynamic sites. The user needs to enter x (inside a textbox), click submit, process in java (serverside) and present ...

33. READ JSON String in servlet    stackoverflow.com

I am posting a jQuery AJAX POST to a servlet and the data is in the form of JSON String. Its getting posted successfully but on the Servlet side I need to ...

34. JSON in Servlets    stackoverflow.com

I want to make a json array in Servlet from a result set. If any one has some idea about this , please suggest me ?

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Is there any tutorial on JSON RESTful interface (using JAVA servlet) ? The purpose is to call to external REST interface for data, and handle the data by the client(javascript client). I ...

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I am sorry to ask this but i've been working on this for hours and I can't figure it out on my own. I have to use json for part of ...

37. create javascript array in json response in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a servlet where I send JSON response (back to javascript) . For example , my response looks like

Now what is happening at the moment ...

38. Get fullcalendar JSON from JSP page    stackoverflow.com

I'm working with the fullcalendar jQuery plugin and I'm trying to populate my events by creating a JSON object on a jsp page. Here is what I have for my fullcalendar code...


39. how to read ajax with json to servlet    stackoverflow.com

I need your help to read a JSON from JQuery AJAX to my servlet. I want to parse the internal data from the ajax call to jsonObject. My code get facebook user information ...

40. data transfer using JSON    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to get a piece of data from server using JSP technology. I am using JSON object to do so. On client side i am using XMLHttpRequest to get ...

41. JSP: Error in forwarding page    stackoverflow.com

This question is related to the previous one, when I click over an anchor

<a href="#" id="Email">send email</a>
it calls servlet using json
   $("#Email").click(function() {

    var option={

42. How can I write a multidimensional JSON object in JSP and pass the JSON object back to JavaScript?    stackoverflow.com

I am currently trying to write a multidimensional object or array in JSP and then pass it back to an AJAX call from JavaScript. Now, decoding a JSON object using ...

43. Accessing JSONObject in jsp    stackoverflow.com

My JSP, is being passed an JSONObject in the context, on which it needs to do some processing like creating tables, etc. But when I try to access the member of this ...

44. how to get JSON objects from servlet?    stackoverflow.com

I am making a simple html servlet program where I need get JSON object from the servlet, and in html I am able to get the data, but how can i ...

45. Problem with receiving data from jsp to servlet    stackoverflow.com

I have problem with receive data from jsp to servlet. I know that I must serializes this data using JSON. In my jsp in JavaScript I make something like this:

var myJSONText = JSON.stringify(items);
document.getElementById('test').value ...

46. How to handle servlet response in JSP through AJAX call?    stackoverflow.com

I want to display servlet response in my JSP page (as a hyperlink) through an ajax call. Can anyone please tell me how I could display the content in my jsp ...

47. JSONObject exceptions    stackoverflow.com

I am using a JSON array to process data back n forth between layers. I have been getting an exception on JSONObject. Could you please guide me towards the correct debug ...

48. Syntax error on adding json2.js    stackoverflow.com

I want to display json response from the servlet in jsp page. Below is the code. However when I include json2.js;the browser reports syntax error. I am working on liferay portal. ...

49. Custom Deserializer GSON    stackoverflow.com

I have been stumped on this topic for 2 days now, and cant seem to find what I need.
I have a class as follows:

public class myClass {

private String name;
private ArrayList<String> arr1;
private ...

50. Using C# WCF REST Service with JSP Servlet    stackoverflow.com

I've created a simple WCF REST Service. It only has one method that returns a JSON string of an employee object. I'm fairly new to designing web services... What do I need ...

51. Accessing Json data with exhibit (http://www.simile-widgets.org/exhibit/)in a jsp page    stackoverflow.com

I all, I'm little new to json + exhibit and i need an help. I've a json file like this

"items" : [
    type    ...

52. Java - returning JSON from servlet with Gson library    stackoverflow.com

I am using GSON library. I have a programm which returns JSON. JSON constructs and returns in this way:

Gson gson = new Gson();
//findNewComments returns List<Comment> comments
return gson.toJson(service.findNewComments(id,lastId));
So the result is:

53. How to write JSON into API call using Java HttpURLConnection?    stackoverflow.com

I need to make a cross domain API call fron one server to another one. Basically I need to make a POST request to send Json over the wire. I am using ...

54. Using JSON vs XML for transporting Data to server side (J2EE)    stackoverflow.com

the below line is taken from a website

**JSON Objects are serializable and where as XML is not .**
Assume that i am passing a JSON Object from UI to the server (J2EE ...

55. Problem working JSON objects from JSP to JS    stackoverflow.com

        function getInfo(o)

56. Send PDF as byte[] / JSON problem    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to send a generated PDF file (Apache FOP) to the client. I know this can be done by writing the array to the response stream and by ...

57. Conditional href display with ajax results    stackoverflow.com

I have an ajax call to display people count for each vendor row displayed and I want an href link when people count greater than 0. Currently I am only able ...

58. Java servlets and JSON parsing    stackoverflow.com

I currently have a servlet returning a JSON string on a POST to the output stream of the response. This is my code:

PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
I'm not sure how to handle this ...

59. How call RestFul Webservice from JSP page and use the JSON object?    stackoverflow.com

I have a restful web services which returns a JSON object. I need to call that Webservices in JSP and do some processing so that the JSON object content can be ...

60. JSON string parsing in Javascript    stackoverflow.com

I have some JSON which has been passed from a servlet and is stored in xmlhttp.responseText. I want to decompose this JSON so that i can have values of data, size, ...

61. how to use java servlet to generate json which can be used to populate for Highcharts    stackoverflow.com

i wanted to use highcharts to generate a graph for the data given through a json created with some data from database by making a call to a servlet

62. How to use AJAX - JSON to keep a data updated in JSP?    stackoverflow.com

I've looked and searched for hours and I couldn't find anything easy to understand. And I've to make an easy stuff. So, I've a java class that has a map of "Service" ...

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I have a webservice I created using the NetBeans wizard and I have applications that are clients of this already. I'd like to create a new web-app client to provide a ...

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Hi, Given the following class; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; public class VisitNewWidgetTestTemplateClass { public String widgetName, widgetAuthor, widgetDescription, loadUrl, objectName; public Map parameters = new HashMap(); public List> thisWidgetParams = new ArrayList>(); public void setParamter(String paramName, String paramValue) { parameters.put(paramName,paramValue); thisWidgetParams.add(parameters); } } ..and the following JSP Page (assume all taglib and other utilities and imports are ...

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