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1. how to display query result in multiple pages    stackoverflow.com

in my application the jsp is calling the method to fetch records from database.the method returns an array and using for loop the array values are displayed using jsp technology in ...

2. trying to get a query to use the LIKE function with a variable in JSP    stackoverflow.com

I have a query that is being used to pull usernames and info about the user. In Access I had the LIKE function so that the user didn't have to type ...

3. Query in data population using select in jsp    stackoverflow.com

I am populating data using

<select name="test">
<option value='<%=session.getAttribute("tList")%>'><%=session.getAttribute("tList") %></option>

but the values are getting display in a single row in the combo box not row wise,where i am going wrong ?

4. iframe query string    stackoverflow.com

I have got the values by passing the query string in an iframe.src = "xyxz.jsp?name="+name+"&pass="+pass+"&id="+id. I need to pass those values which i have got to another jsp page <iframe src="xyz.jsp"></iframe> How can i ...

5. Java+JSP: Query String handling    stackoverflow.com

How the best way to handle query strings in Java JSP? The method request.getQueryString() returns only a strings, how can I get the value of a specific string? Should I parse that ...

6. Replace "#" in query string without changing the actual value    stackoverflow.com

I have one query string in my JSP:

Now I am picking up the appID using request object in the index.jsp and using that appId I ...

7. How to pass id value from JSP to select query as input before submit?    stackoverflow.com

How to get ID value in scriptlet before submit?.
My actual scenario is --- I created one JSP page, in which employee ID is the input. Now on blur, I ...

8. Web container in JBoss 6 and other queries    stackoverflow.com

  1. What is the default web container in JBoss 6? If what I read was correct, the answer to this question should be JBoss Web (the custom built web container based on ...

9. cannot pass sparql query to sparql endpoint    stackoverflow.com

I am sending a sparql query to spaqrl enpoint using jena, in eclipse Helios Service Release 1 with server tomcat v5.5
i am using a campus public wifi network and even ...

10. Querying two separate DBs. How do you handle two connections?    stackoverflow.com

I have to write a Servlet that gets a user id and name, and a user first name and last name. The user info that we have to verify is ...

11. How to invoke a DAO method in a servlet to pull the result of a query    stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to find the correct procedure to pull the result of a query from a DAO in one of my servlets but have been unsuccessful. Help solving my ...

12. query on scriptlets    stackoverflow.com

my code goes as mentioned below.. .

<div class="productHead">
        <dsp:valueof param="associatedPhone.displayNameDefault"/>   
    </h2>   ...

13. A query about Cookies in Servlets    stackoverflow.com

Cookie usernameCookie = new Cookie ("username", attributeUsername);
A cookie is created in the server in this way and it is added to the HttpServletResponse . Then why is it that , a ...

14. how to avoid javax.servlet.ServletException in jsp program of querying files using SPARQL?    stackoverflow.com

hi i am trying to query a rdf file with SPARQL in jsp and my rdf file is

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"

15. Problem in update query in JSP    stackoverflow.com

all, i am writing an update query in jsp, but i am having a syntax error in it, can anybody help please. here is the query


16. Need Help Please! Want to pass a input param to entitymanager and query result back to servlet    forums.netbeans.org

I am trying to use persistence as my data layer. I am developing a login account page with where username and password will be checked before its logged in. I have ...

17. Need Help Please! Want to pass a input param to entitymanager and query result back to servlet    forums.netbeans.org

I am trying to use persistence as my data layer. I am developing a login account page with where username and password will be checked before its logged in. I have ...

18. paging in jsp for multiple queries    coderanch.com

hi! i would like someone to help me with paging in jsp.my code uses multiple queries and the result is that when i press the next button i get a java null pointer exception. my code is as follows:Please help,matter pretty urgent <%@ page language ="java" import=" java.sql.* " %> <% String a=request.getParameter("a"); String b=request.getParameter("b"); String c=request.getParameter("c"); String d=request.getParameter("d"); String e=request.getParameter("e"); ...

19. My query results are ending prematurely    coderanch.com

I'm using calling a few Oracle PL/SQL procedures from my JSP page. Everything seems to be working... until it all just ends. I'm selecting a long list of items from the db. When I run the page the query appears to be running just fine- selecting everything it's supposed to, but then it just ends. Nowhere in particular- sometimes mid-word. There ...

20. Query calls terminating without error... just ending-    coderanch.com

Something bizzare is happening in my code. I am trying the same thing- using a PL/SQL procedure or not- and getting different results- actually- I'm getting the same results, to start with, but for some reason when I call the procedure my code ends abruptly. It begins displaying the results... lists a hundred or so then just stops- midword sometimes. No ...

21. Selecting displayed query results using JSP    coderanch.com

Hello, fellow ranchers. Would anyone happen to know how to select rows using JSP that's a result of a database query and once the desired row is selected, pass the parms associated with that row to another jsp that will query the database and display the results. Id Name Address ---- ------- ------------ 10 Bill 123 cedar rd. 20 Bob 456 ...

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25. Simple Query    coderanch.com

1. Session object is available to all JSPs in a session. 2. JSP pages will have their own request/response object. I think u mean to access the request and response of the parent. This is not possible Directly ... but you can definitely save these in session using some key. But this is a weird requirement ... I have never heard ...

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29. Help with JSP and Access queries!    coderanch.com

How many of these three rcords in AdStore have AdStatus = 'A'? Check to make sure the three records do; if so remove the where clause in querystring and try again. You sure will be able to find the problem by so doing. You can even try an ordinary Select * to see what it will generate. By incresing iteratively you ...

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35. Few Queries    coderanch.com

1 - dont understand wht do mean by putting jsp in package. if you mean like classes we define, package com.dao; class Employee{ ... .. } then i dont know that. i think we can't. 2 - just try to set null there. like, session = null; infact, i haven't done it before.

36. j_security_check query    coderanch.com

37. dates and times as integers in a query string    coderanch.com

I'm trying to insert dates and times into a database. The dates are displayed from the database as for example March 1, 2005 - but in the database the id is 1 April 1, 2005 - and for April the id is 2 I want the users to see March 1, 2005 which I do now but need to pass 1 ...

38. how to send a plus in query string    coderanch.com

39. File structure query    coderanch.com

The servlet container is Resin. Whether I'm testing it locally on my home workstation or whether I download the site from my host server, the result is the same. Nothing appears to cache other than the html pages themselves. Each image, js file, css file, etc that is downloaded has an expiry date stamped on it in my 'temporary-internet-files' folder of ...

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47. JSP JavaScript Query    coderanch.com

Hello Friend I have question regarding jsp and java script. i showing some mesages in my jsp page just like any message bard page on clicking more link of the message field , it will open popup window which shows the message content in detail.and after cloing that window with close button the parent page get refreshed. i m using javascript ...

48. problem with runing query using 2 selectbox    coderanch.com

hi, i have a problem. i had a form with 2 ----------------------------------------- i have two tables. i have to select a class name from first select box and then a query must fired which will check how many sections for that class exists in the table, for ex. if for class ...

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50. web querying interface    coderanch.com

51. display query in the html table    coderanch.com

52. Query String    coderanch.com

hi friends.... can any body tell me how to hide the querystring parameters in the URL specified in anchor tag.. i cannot place a sumbit button in the jsp page ...so that i can specify method=post in the form tag and hide the parameters... plzz give anyother way if not anchar tag.. sruthi

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54. how do i encrypt/decrypt query string.    coderanch.com

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56. online examination system in jsp query    coderanch.com

57. Query rgarding some Patterns    coderanch.com

58. update query not working properly, using jsp    coderanch.com

setAutoCommit(false); loStatement.executeUpdate(query_table1); loStatement.executeUpdate(query_table2); loStatement.executeUpdate(query_table3); if the above query is executed successfully setAutoCommit(true); then execute update on table4(by taking values from table1) update table4 a set ( a.address ) = ( select b.address from table b where a.obj_id = b.wh_obj_id and b.obj_id='" + userid1 + "') where a.OBJ_ID = '" + whid + "'" ;

59. retirving a value from query string    coderanch.com

60. Query about jsp:getProperty    coderanch.com

61. JSP Basics query    coderanch.com

Hello guys, I don't like cross posting, ... but i tried posting my doubt in sun java forum also, but no replies over there. Members over their just view the topic, they don't reply as such. PLEASE HELP ME! I have few doubts in JSP 1) How to override jspInit() ? I tried one sample program, but the kind of output ...

62. alternative to query string    coderanch.com

Thanks for the reply.. But my problem is that the link will be visible in mobile handset and when the user clicks on it, it will connect to application and based on the query string it will retrieve information and send it back to the user. I need to find a way to remove the query string and shorten the url. ...

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72. how to pass the result of a query executed in a include JSP to the main JSP    coderanch.com

Thanks everyone. My CS application has several JSPs. What I am trying to achieve is seperate the business logic from each of the JSP's and put it in a seperate JSP which I want to call CSInclude.jsp whose job would be take care of querying , exception handling and stuff like that. Thus each of the earlier JSPs would only be ...

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78. servlet prinln stmt query    coderanch.com

79. Servlet query    coderanch.com

I mean to say, if there are multiple requests coming to a servlet and depending on the kind of request, i have to initialize few parameters(like making connection to database depending on request)...(I know that init() is called only once when the first time request comes to server) So in that case, how can I intialize those parameter?? Do i need ...

80. query in JSP-Servlets    coderanch.com

81. slow query using JDBC in servlet    coderanch.com

I have a servlet that is using a preparedStatement to look up a value in a DB2 table. All parts of the servlet run very fast except when the query is executed. A simple lookup of one record in a table takes 4 minutes. As a test, I set up an sql query on the server that was exactly the same ...

82. Servlet Query    coderanch.com

83. servlet query    coderanch.com

84. servlet query    coderanch.com

From the Javadocs: Defines a general exception a servlet can throw when it encounters difficulty. Basically there are any number of things that can go wrong, not just in the servlet but in any of the other classes in the servlet container. If you look closely at the exception, it is designed to contain other exceptions, so this exception is just ...

85. Servlet Query    coderanch.com

Hi Sandya yes you can override the init(),service(),destroy() in servlet. You cannot override the _jspService() method within a JSP page. You can however, override the jspInit() and jspDestroy() methods within a JSP page. jspInit() can be useful for allocating resources like database connections, network connections, and so forth for the JSP page. It is good programming practice to free any allocated ...

86. Select query in Servlet doGet()    coderanch.com

This is all code that i am having in doGet method. If i replace with insert query it works fine. It gives only problem if i fire query directly from doGet() method. This happens only for select query. public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws ServletException, IOException{ String url = "jdbc :-o racle:thin:@dbs:1521 :-o rcl"; String driverName = "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"; String userName ...

88. Basic Servlet Queries    coderanch.com

1) Web services are a good way. Just posting URLs to each other is another (which is what web services are anyways, just with more formality). 2) It's deprecated and should not even be acknowledged. 3) Different HTTP methods. One is intended for fetching resources, the other for posting data. 4) Controls order of loading servlets. [ October 18, 2008: Message ...

89. jsp query regarding String concat add    coderanch.com

Sam, Then you'll want the version that takes a String parameter. Since there is no "empty character" but there is an empty string, this will remove the dots rather than the spaces. String temp1=Name.replaceAll("\\.", ""); The trick is that replaceAll takes something called a regular expression rather than a real literal string. In regular expressions, a dot is a special character ...

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96. Servlet Container related query    coderanch.com

Hi Harsh, First you know that servlet have no main method so, for run servlet or invoke servlet need a help. So, no servlet class extends with thread class, servlet life cycle handle by container and container is another program which handle all thread complexity. So, anything happens with servlet done by the container. And in life cycle of servlet init() ...

97. querying html/servlet    coderanch.com

98. How to create a history table for query executed.    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have a form where i use JSTL to query to oracle database through TextArea in form.(get the query from textarea and put it inside jstl to query) Means if somebody logsin they can query anynumber of statements to the db defined. Now I want to let the user show a box just side to the textarea with the ...