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i am using entity beans to develop my ejb module now when specifying a @NamedQuery for a particular entity i find that the parameters of constraints for the database querying are linked like: SELECT result FROM Result result JOIN result.grades grade JOIN grade.student student JOIN result.academicPeriod period WHERE ....... are the multiple JOIN statements correct? i cant find anywhere where multiple ...

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Hi , While creating a JMS Server inside Weblogic , it has a option for Creating a Persistent Store . Can anybody please let me know what is meant by Persistent Store and its usage will be in general . From the site of Oracle/Weblogic it is The persistent store provides a built-in, high-performance storage solution for WebLogic Server subsystems and ...

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Kiran Joshi wrote:There could be multiple timezones in a single country.. so that approach has limitations. I feel, using javascript + Ajax + Servlet option is the most straightforward for this requirement. Agreed! Also there could be clients who are using VPNs, public, coporate or private proxy servers. So, IP based mechanism will not identify timezones correctly. Application will store proxy ...

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Hello Authors, Glad to see the book on ActiveMQ, an open Source competitor for the IBM's MQ Series/Message Broker. 1. However, to what extent it would withstand the complexities and be a real good alternative of IBM MQ Series? 2. Overall, is ActiveMQ a message broker OR a MOM Server? How can I take it? Is it an alternative of WMB ...

16. Native query always returning same data    coderanch.com

Dear all, I have a native query defined in an EJB entity bean of the sort SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES WHERE JOB_ID = I execute the query within a for loop sequentially for a different job id. I get the results using the getResultList function . My problem is that the list of results for all executions of the query ...

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Hi, Ive been working on an application that return an XMLTYPE from an schema package, the XML is generated in a query, not read it in a table, and use that variable in a JSP. The DDL of the package function is this: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY pkg_modulos IS FUNCTION obtenerModulos (pAnio IN NUMBER DEFAULT 2011) RETURN XMLTYPE IS x ...

23. selection of records from table n applying a query on them    go4expert.com

Hi everyone I have a jsp code for attendance with access database. Basically the code is supposed to work like this: 1. The teacher first enters information about the date ,semester , subject and time and submits. 2. Then depending on semester..the SELECT query is used to obtain the list of all students from a STUDENT table for that semester. So ...

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sir, i am facing some problem and problem is below 1if i enter the value in html form then there should be checking that all form is filled if not filled completely then return this page marking the empty field 2.my jsp page return a list of book.i want this list is clickable and after clicking on this page new page ...

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1. there are two web clients requesting( a read request) to the web container. 2. both of them read the data from the db table I mean to say that the servlet read the data n sent the data back to the clients. 3. Immd some time later, the first client updated the record (change happened) 4. Now an update request ...

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