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Im writing an web application using the MVC design pattern.. the application should connect to a RMI server providing the business part (Model) my problem is, I dont know where i should ...

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I'm trying to write a proxy for invocation of a remote servlet object from a local HttpServlet container in Java and I am somehow stuck with the Howtos. At the very ...

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can any one tell me why the following error occurs.

    java.rmi.ServerException: RuntimeException; nested exception is:
2011-07-04 04:24:59,890 ERROR [STDERR]  at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor.handleException(LogInterceptor.java:421)
2011-07-04 04:24:59,890 ERROR [STDERR]  at org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor.invoke(LogInterceptor.java:209)
2011-07-04 ...

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Hi Guys, Our system is in an N-tiered architecture. The presentation layer is implemented through CGI-C and Javascripts. The database access layer is in Pro-C and Entera's SQL processor. The functional layer is implemented with ANSI-C. To interconnect all these various components together, we use Entera middleware. We are planning to convert this system into a pure java application. It's a ...

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It sounds like the user, under which your container is running doesn't have sufficient permissions to access the the network resource in question. Personally, I wouldn't do this directly in a servlet. I would make the RMI client a plain old Java object that can be instanciated by any interface (command line, servlet, etc...) to have it's methods called. This will ...

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RMI is not simple enough for someone just to paste an example in here. Before worrying about doing this from a servlet, you get a basic understanding of RMI and get it working in a plain old Java class. Once you can do that, it should be fairly simple to invoke that class and call its methods from a servlet.

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This is sample code i used for testing. I think this will give you a basic idea of how these things work. You can modify the code to suit your need Interface Code package com.ooiq; public interface EMDataInsert extends java.rmi.Remote { public void setData(String a, String b, String c, String d) throws java.rmi.RemoteException; } RMI Client Code package com.ooiq; import java.rmi.Naming; ...

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Hi: I wrote a simple application that uses RMI and got it to work. The application involves a client that invokes a remote method (on the server) for adding 2 numbers and returns the sum to the client. When I tried to use a Servlet as a client of the remote method I get the following exception: "error unmarshalling return; nested ...

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Hi, I am really confused... I need to do one of the following project 1. web server 2. mail server 3.proxy server 4.print server and the thing is i dont know ANY THING abt sevlets or RMI. Some people say its better to do using RMI and some people say Servlets. Please tell me what to do... which one is easier?? ...

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Jacob, One RMI server is shared between multiple "concurrent" clients and RMI connections do not implement a notion of a session. Stateful session beans implement a tighter coupling under the hood across RMI via protocol mechanisms similar to what you would have to roll out by hand. Definitely think RMI is very applicable where binary based communication between Java/ORM/CORBA clients are ...

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Hi! I'm working on an application with a client and a server. I'm using JBoss 4.2 and Java 1.6. On client side I bind an object to JNDI and try to lookup this object on server side. CLIENT: Here I bind the object to JNDI: Object callback = ...; Properties p = new Properties(); p.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory"); p.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "jnp://localhost:1099"); Context context = ...

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Well I may not have very deep knowledge about them both but from the little bit of coding practice and implementation I know that too, that they are different technology and the implementation is also different. But didnt know what to answer for this question to interviewer. Thanks anyways for the reply.

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server: package jsp; import java.rmi.*; import java.rmi.server.*; public class Interface_server_ { public Interface_server_(){ boolean flag; flag=false; // flag is still false when the registry still not working while(!flag) { try { System.setProperty("java.security.policy", "java.policy"); if (System.getSecurityManager() == null){ System.setSecurityManager ( new RMISecurityManager() ); System.setProperty("java.rmi.server.codebase", "file:/Interface_" ); } System.out.println("before"); Interface_ c = new Interface_impl_(); Naming.rebind("rmi://localhost:1099/Echo_Service", c); flag=true; // set to true to stop ...

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