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2. using Jboss SSO with a seam app and jsp app

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to seam. I have some existing apps that were written in jsp, that i am able to connect with sso by enabling the valve in the jboss-web.deployer server.xml file and adding the same security context to the jboss-web.xml file in each app.

3. Using Seam from within a servlet

Hi, I am trying to write a Seam application that has a long lived nature. While I can get a page to refresh periodically I want the database to grow even if the web page is not being run, i.e. the action is not getting executed. So I created a servlet which is loaded at startup after Seam and am injecting ...

4. Using Seam with JSP or XSTL library - need guidance

I have just started into the functional specs of a new project and the only absolute requirement for the project is that it must use either the JSP or XSLT library that has been developed internally by the client. I have just spent the last year working on a RichFaces/EJB3 project and think that seam would be a great fit, but ...

6. why can't add a jsp page to Seam Web Project ?

Hi everybody! I'm newbie in Seam. I have a following problem:I have created a Seam Web Project named "Tuan" (File-New-Seam Web Project). Then i add an empty jsp page(File-New-Other-We-JSP)with an output text "hello world" to WebContent folder (hello.jsp).But when i make this page "Run As" on Jboss server, and browse this page "http://localhost:8080/tuan/hello.seam", it occurs an error:HTTP Status 404 - /tuan/hello.seam--------------------------------------------------------------------------------type ...

7. xhtml include in a jsp

8. Calling webservice in Seam

11. Reason for using SEAM

12. Sending Email: JBoss AS-5.1 + Seam-2.2

13. Java EE 6 (CDI) equivalent to Seam 2's EntityHome/EntityQuery?

I've only used Seam 2 so far, no plain Java EE 5 or 6 before, so I have no experience with the overall Java EE programming model and/or newer patterns. I've used Seam 2's EntityHome and EntityQuery mainly in a read-only application, that is I used EntityHome's for page navigation and the EntityQuery's to construct the actual pages. I can't say ...