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1. How can i call my page using sms?

I want to develop a web application in JSP ,in which a user can sent their id using their mobile number and after that they will get their data like total ...

2. how to send sms on any mobile using jsp or servlet?

I have a jsp page and i want to send a sms on mobile through jsp page, I don't have a idea how send sms using jsp.

3. Send sms from java servlet to cell phone

I want to create an application which send sms from java servlet to mobile device, it's my first time to make like this application. I found many APIs that supports this feature, ...

4. sending sms from servlet to phone

I have my servlet that has a method that randomly generates passwords. I want it to be able to send each generated password to a specified phone number. What do I ...

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12. how to send free sms from servlet to mobile

There is no J2ME involved in your case! J2ME is a client side technology for creating applications that reside on mobiles. But, as you have stated you want to send SMS from servlet(s). You are better off with server technology as Servlets. I haven't created such service but let me give you few pointers: 1. You require an SMS Gateway, which ...

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15. How to send SMS using JSP?

hi all I am developing a web application which is having login credentials. My doubt is if an user of my my website lost/forgot his username/password a form which contains phone number field. automatically the lost username/password will be sent to his/her mobile. can anyone help how this can be accomplished. should v use an SMS gateway/ by using some API ...

16. How to send sms to mobile from tomcatserver

hi friends i have developed an application for bank accounts. Its a web application and my server is Tomcat 5.0. my requirement is that user could sms (from their mobile) to my application. In the SMS they will provide their account no and in response my application will send a sms to their cell phone giving them their current balance. and ...

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19. How to send SMS and E-Mail on Jboss shutdown.

Hi, I need to know how to send a sms and email when my application is stopped or terminated unexpectedly. My application runs on JBoss. If the JBoss stops then i have to receive the sms and email. mentioning that the application has been stopped unexpectedly. Please provide solution or an idea so that i can perform this functionality in my ...

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