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1. Disabling PDF's Navigation bar and Tool bar using stream in servlet.

Hi all, I am using below mentioned code (into Servlet) for streaming PDF file to the client . response.setContentType("application/pdf"); OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream(); try { //Used for creating File object. File file = new File(getServletContext().getInitParameter("resource_folder"),request.getParameter("file")); InputStream input = new FileInputStream(file) ; byte[] bytes= new byte[1024]; while(!=-1){ out.write(bytes); } } finally { out.close(); } My query is that I need to ...

2. Receiving a stream from a jsp

4. Help require to capture streaming data

5. Stream with servlet in windows media

Hi, I need help in my code. I have a HTML page with this code: Prueba video


I am trying to implement upload/view functionality..To view an uploaded txt file or html file,I am just flushing out the file contents into servlet's output stream..The content type has been set appropriately. The problem is for some html files ia m able to see the file contents in the browser,and for some html files,the browser displays a open/save dialog box.. Can ...

7. Help required to capture streaming data in a servlet

Hi all, I designed a PDF form containing several fields. The submit button of pdf form points to a servlet..also on submitting of data from pdf file, it sends a stream of data (in xml format) to the servlet...but i don't have any idea how to capture this data in servlet .....the sending of the data is not associated with GET ...