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Hi Christian, Thanks for your reply! I've been able to make it work setting a few properties on the container before starting it properties.put(EJBContainer.MODULES, new File("target/classes")); //added this properties.put("org.glassfish.ejb.embedded.glassfish.installation.root", "/Applications/NetBeans/sges-v3/glassfish"); //and this createEJBContainer = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer(properties); When i didn't do that, the error was the same as if there was no domain.xml in the resources folder. It said that it could not ...

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Hi, I am using jmeter for load testing.But currently my requirement is that to test a j2ee web application with 30000 hits/minute.For that i am given 30000 as threads and 60 as ramp up period.The result is that Jmeter is stucked and busy for a long period, and some time give 1000's request are passed rather than expected 30000. Any Solution??..Please ...

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Hi I was thinking about doing a small Shopping Cart 3-4 pages of a JSP project just to build up confidence and fluency. I currently use eclipse EE and basically excute the main jsp page from there which launches it in Firefox. I actually wanted to simulate a scenario in which multiple users would be using the website to test it. ...

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Hi, I 've downloaded an EJB3 project, the test case is built with OpenEJB, and run it with maven2. There is some error. ------------------------------------------------------- T E S T S ------------------------------------------------------- Running org.superbiz.calculator.CalculatorTest Apache OpenEJB 3.1.4 build: 20101112-03:32 http://openejb.apache.org/ INFO - openejb.home = C:\work\simple-webservice INFO - openejb.base = C:\work\simple-webservice INFO - Configuring Service(id=Default Security Service, type=SecurityService, provider-id=Default Security Service) INFO - Configuring ...

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As i am developing small demo of Online testing. Though username exist in Database, it shows "User Doesn't Exist"...! Here, "login.jsp" is file containing form that will get Username and Password from USER. login_Servlet is controller that will get username and password from login.jsp and also give Username to Model class "login_Model" for getting all other informations like; Password, UserLevel(1-admin , ...

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Ok. I figured as much. But I can't do it even if I set the environment? What is the solution then? I really am sick and tired of restarting the damned thing everytime and getting to the point where I create the request I need in order to test whatever needs to be tested. That's just silly. Thank you, Iulia

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how to test servlet with the code below. in method doPost or doGet, doPost(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse resp) { DataInputStream dis =null; String data=""; dis = new DataInputStream(req.getInputStream()); data=dis.readUTF();// readInt(),readBoolean() ,etc may applied System.out.println("data:"+data); } if i code req.getParameter("param"); then i wrote test programm like this request.setParameter("param","something");the servlet can get the value. my question is ,how can i test the code above?how to ...

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