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1. Does the Eclipse Web Tools Project handle refactoring inside JSPs?

I've installed the Web Tools Project for Eclipse version 3.4. I've been trying to get refactoring working the way I think it should and have had no success. I have one ...

2. What would be the light way to render a JSP page without an App/Web Server

First, some background: I will have to work on code for a JSP that will demand a lot of code fixing and testing. This JSP will receive a structure of given objects, ...

3. How to get Eclipse tools working nicely with JSP?

How do you get Eclipse to work properly with JSP files as it does with Java files? Specifically:

  • Eclipse "Find references" (Right click on method, references, workspace) doesn't find references in JSP ...

4. How to install Web Platform Tools in Eclipse?

Which URL do I install this and any pre-reqs from, and how can I install them? Been struggling with this for the last 1 hour with no luck.

5. Visual VoiceXML/VXML development tool?

Does anyone know of any tools out there that will let me run and debug a VXML application visually? There are a ton of VXML development tools, but they all ...

6. tools,plugins or api's for monitoring java web applications

I have developed a web application in java,i want to monitor the web application.I have used jconsole, but it monitors only java application.I heard about jmon could u tel me how ...

7. JSP web design tool

I was wondering what do you guys use to design the .jsp file? I know it needs to be coded, but is there an easy way to build the layout in ...

8. API/Project to visually edit an XSLT

I have a requirement where in need to represent a XSLT file in the form of a tree and allow the user to manipulate the same, add/remove nodes. I need to embed ...

9. Licensing manager tool development?

I want to develop a licensing tool for my software(Web application).It should have features like trail for 30 days and only limited to a particular set of users say 30 users.Is ...

10. Cannot install Web Developer Tools (WTP's JSP editor) on Flash Builder 4.5

Why can't I install Web Developer Tools on Flash Builder 4.5? It always blows up one and the same error: Only one of the following can be installed at once: ...

11. Assets packaging tool like jammit for JSP, Java EE projects?

We've got a lot of javascript and CSS files in our Java EE project. We're wondering if there's a tool to help you package(minification) these files, like the jammit tool in ...

13. report generation tool

14. Best JSP Authoring Tool

I'm currently in the process of evaluating CodeGuide 4.0 (3.0 is the released version, 4.0 is beta). It does not assume that Windows is the center of the universe and also runs on other platforms -- the OS X port is what I use at home. So far I like it a lot, though I've found a fair number of problems ...

17. confused about compiling tools

18. jsp dubbing tools?

I have been developing on Weblogic. Our app has many jsp's, struts controller servlet, over 20 javabeans, and a bunch of stored procedures. I inherited much of the code from the Rev 1 team and have been taking it apart to learn how it works. One thing I found to be incredibly usefull was hooking a debugger to the VM used ...

19. has been deprecated

It's a JDK change, but I would have expected a deprecation warning, rather than an actual failure to compile. What version of tomcat are you running? I have 4.0.4 working happily on java1.4, and there is a new beta of 4.1 out that I am about to take a look at. Try downloading and reinstalling tomcat now that Java1.4 is installed, ...

20. DataGrid tools for JSP

21. Tools for showing the flow of web site pages??

Dear Friends: I have to graphically demonstrate the flow of web pages from one page to another. For instance, the first web page would be login page. If login succeeds then they enter the website if not then they go to registration page etc etc. I have to provide this flow for more then 30 pages. Is there any tool for ...

22. Free Best Tool for JSP

23. does a taglib documentation tool exist?

24. Need a Good Java Blogging Tool

I'm looking for Java based blogging soft that allows me to get the titles and permalinks for each entry. Something with custom tags would be great. For example. That way I can link to different news sections in different areas of the ...

25. Chart generator tools

27. JSP Testing tool

29. Dubug tools for JSP programs ?

31. Code Review tool for JSP

32. Reporting Tool

33. how to add third party tool to jsp

34. JSP and Reporting Tools

Dear All, Pls I need to bundle a reporting tool with my JSP application and the first option that comes my way is Crystal Report. I have succeeded in the past to display crystal report on my ASP application but now that I have migrated to JSP I cannot do the same. I need someone to advise me on how to ...

35. wanted: JSP code review tool

36. Tool to generate JSPs

37. JSP tool

38. Tool for jsp compilation

39. What tools used for web design

40. Logic needed for Survey tool

Guys, I'm creating an online survey tool wherein I have a set of questions with some radio button options in it. Whenever I'm creating a survey, I can set the conditions like for example, I select question 1 which has 5 options for it and based on the options that I select, I will be taken to question 2 and so ...

41. Code Review tool for JSP

Apart from Java Code there code be lot of other common issues involve in JSP: #) using getServletContext() #)javascript scattered all over JSP page. #) have tag before JSP code etc .. Is any open source tool is available to review JSP? I am trying to find, but till now no success.

43. Tools for manipulating JMS queues

45. Tool Used for Servlet/JSP

46. Test Tools for JSPs

47. Forte as a JSP tool

No I haven't. I'm using it for basic coding, and it works pretty well. I can't really figure out how to deal with the "blocked code" for gui work, though, so I'm still doing that in JB3.5. I will try a bit of jsp, and se if I can figure it out.

48. what are tools used to run servlets.

49. Tools to track errors in jsp pages.

50. building a searching tool for jsp pages

hi all I am developing a jsp/servlet based web directory. I would like some help in creating a tool or maybe a bean which can search through the database & return results. like match names or categories or area etc help is appreciated farooq [ October 16, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

52. What would be the best tool to debug servlet/jsp??

Im not sure if this is the right forum, but I was wondering what tools are best suited to debug servlet/jsp. At the moment Im simply adding print statement throughout... I tried to intergrate Tomcat with VAJ 4.0 but I cant get it to work. As anyone got combined VAJ with Tomcat 4.x??? Is there an IDE that I can download ...

53. New Tool for Servlet / JSP Developers

54. Development tools to develop servlet

55. jsp designer tool

Rewati, just give people some time to respond By JSP design, do you mean layout design or JSP coding help ? If it is layout, you can use any of the visual HTML editors around like FrontPage, Dreamweaver...or freewares like HTMLEdit to get your job done. If the question is about seeing how the logic is incorporated, then you could try ...

56. I need help..jsp tools.

thanks for your answer. it is said that lomboz is a good software for java developer. The Lomboz Project focuses on a prodiving an easy install J2EE IDE tool that is prepackaged with all the necessary plugins that you can start using immediately in one package of course it include the tool you told me too. so i download it and ...

57. Need Best Ajax tool for jsp and servlet