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I am developing Web Application in local machine using JSP. I want to execute a Java Program that resides on Unix box from my local JSP file. I have all the ...

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Is there any way in Java to use the exec method to perform a recursive touch? The goal is to setup a simple webpage that when reloaded will touch the dir for ...

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I am really not clear on explaining this requirement but what I need basically is a JSP page that connects to a Unix server and gets the word count of a ...

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I have no jsp experience thus the dilema. What I am trying to do is to generate a drop down menu dynamically using jsp. I have a unix script that returns to me a list of variables that I would like to use to populate a drop down menu. How do I call the script and how do I then get ...

7. Executing a unix command from a jsp page    coderanch.com

Hi, I am trying to change permissions on a file from a jsp page here's my code..... Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime(); rt.exec("chmod 444 " + absDIR + year + mon + pdfName); I get know errors with this code but it does not work. I can't seem to figure it out thanks Tex

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Hello people, I have a problem that I have been trying to address and have been unsuccessful. I have an application where the user is shown a series of JSPs and upon entering data in those there is a final content generated which is converted to PDF. Now, during in these contents also have images, the path of which is prescribed ...

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On the remote machine you need "something" to listen for calls from the Java web server and process those calls via sending data to the calling process. As I understand, the Java API does not contain any classes that can be used to read data from the remote machine directly. You also will need "something" on the machine hosting the web ...

16. Unix Authentication by using servlet    coderanch.com

I cannot send you any sample code, but I think I can help you with the general solution. You probably want to have an HTML (or JSP) page with a form, that posts the username and password to your servlet. The servlet then gets the username and password from the request, executes the appropriate Unix commands, and examines the results. If ...

19. how to execute shell(unix) through a servlet.    coderanch.com

I'm trying to execute a shell through the servlet .. but it is not working ... i have used it in the following way .. . . Process p=null; Runtime r1=Runtime.getRuntime(); try{ p=r1.exec("sh abc"); p.waitFor(); } catch(Exception e){} . . but it is not executing the shell .. can somebody help me ...

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Hi, i am JSP newbie and faced a problems on JSP compatibility. Any expect can give me the answer? if I have a server OS is UNIX solaris, Can i develop JSP in Window, it will exist any problems when i move JSP to UNIX server? Is it possible? because i not familiar with Solaris OS, Is it possible let in ...

32. How to run .ksh file in unix from .jsp files    forums.oracle.com

It is usually a bad idea to do any major processing directly within a JSP. It is better to create a helper class and invoke methods on that. This helper class can then be tested outside of the inhospitable JSP environment. To run the '.ksh' file you will need to use either Runtime.exec() or the more modern ProcessBuilder. You will save ...

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