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1. short version of jsp mail?

I'm searching for an "one-liner" for mailing within jsp. I just wanna send the values of 5 parameters to the webmasters mail-address. Any ideas for a short solution?

2. How can I in a jsp page get maven project version number?

I am working on a java web application, managed by maven2. From time to time, we did some changes, and want to do new releases, of course with new version number. ...

3. Show versions in .jsp pages

I need to put versions of my software in my jsp pages. Can I do it trough XML files? Can Subversion record this in files that has been versioned? thankful Daniel Alves ...

4. Running multiple versions of a servlet web application parallel

I want to run multiple versions (like myapp2.1, myapp2.2 ...) of several Java Servlet based web applications parallel. One possibility could be to deploy each version to a separate servlet context (which ...

5. Minimum Servlet API version for JAX-RS 1.1

What minimum version of the Servlet API is required to run JAX-RS 1.1 (for example Jersey 1.1)?

6. On exception email browser name and version

I've created a servlet for sending the exception or error details to the webmaster. I get the details like this:

 Throwable throwable=null;
 Object codeObj, messageObj, typeObj;
 codeObj = request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.error.status_code");
 typeObj = request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.error.exception_type");

7. Need help in using Eclipse JEE version to develop a servlet project

I have downloaded eclipse jee version (3.5) and I would like to use it to develop a servlet project on tomcat. So I

  • install tomcat and add it as my server in ...

8. JSPX adds to top of page, causes JS errors in IE6

When JSPX compiles, it automatically adds <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> to top of file which causes some JavaScript code not to work on Internet Explorer 6. How can I avoid it to add ...

9. How do I know what version of servlet-api.jar I have?

I downloaded a copy of servlet-api.jar from How do I know what version it is? There's no reference on the site. EDIT Ah. Apologies. I should have listed ...

10. Getting ResponseText without calling servlet using xmlhttprequest in IE(Any version)

I'm using xmlhttprequest to call servlet. It is working fine in Firefox. But, in IE, only if I click refresh button, it is working(that too sometimes). Otherwise, it is not triggering. ...

11. Error Stating "Bad version in .class file"

I worked with a JSP code and executed the same under the tomcat5.5 server. It worked fined. Now I have copied the same code to the other system under tomcat server. ...

12. "Web application version is unsupported" when creating a servlet [Netbeans]

I am following the tutorial and when I get to the portion 'Creating a front controller using a servlet' I receive an error from Netbeans saying "Web application version ...

13. Configure different versions of the same Grails application

By default Grails uses the following locations to look for config files:

But this leads to conflicts if two (or more) versions of the same application (with the same app name) are ...

14. How to get client machine java-version using java,javascript

Again the same question - Is it possible to get the client machine java version using javascript java and jsp? Any sample code wil be much useful. Thanks - Haan

15. servlet version getServletContext().getEffectiveMajorVersion() given me 2.5 while i am using 3

i am using tomcat 7.0.11 which also support servlet 3.0 but req.getServletContext().getEffectiveMajorVersion() // 2 req.getServletContext().getEffectiveMinorVersion() // 5 gives me this output. how would i achive servlet 3.0? it show jsp 2.1 while i ...

16. How to find Version?

Possible Duplicate:
Java API to find out the JDK version a class file is compiled for?
By using java code or Class file. How to detect ...

17. what version of java Sevlets does my server run

looking here: it says that getPart from HttpServletRequest is supported "Since: Servlet 3.0". how do I know if this is the case for me or not ? is it the ...

18. Is there a JSP 2.1 test page testing all features in it version?

I am looking for a Test.jsp page testing all features of JSP2.1 specification.

19. Get Java application server name and version

I am writing a Web application with Java, and this WAR application may be deployed to different application servers, such as Tomcat/JBoss/Jetty/Weblogic. For diagnostic purpose, I'd like to implement a dynamic web ...

20. Loading different version of jar lib from servlet

I have several third party JARs which will be used by my webapps. These JAR files are actually available in different versions. E.g. Version 1.0 JARs

  • /opt/lib/third-party-jars/1.0/3rdparty1.jar
  • /opt/lib/third-party-jars/1.0/3rdparty2.jar
Version 2.0 JARs
  • /opt/lib/third-party-jars/2.0/3rdparty1.jar
  • /opt/lib/third-party-jars/2.0/3rdparty2.jar
Is it possible to load a ...

21. browser version detection from server side with java

I saw many posts related to the browser detection, User agent detection etc...I want to detect the version from server side and send appropriate data based on that. I know browsers ...

22. JSP compilation error For IBM JDK 1.5 Servlet version 2.5

I'm using IBM JDK and Eclipse Hellos. When I'm devloping simple web project, I'm getting error in compilation of jsp page. If I change my JDK to normal Sun JDK, then ...

23. "Web application version is unsupported" when creating a servlet

This normally happens when you are using an application server (or servlet container) that does not support the Java EE version that you've chosen. If you're using Tomcat 5.5, then set the J2EE version to 1.4 If you're using Tomcat 6.0, then set the J2EE version to 5 (or 1.4) If you're using Glassfish v2.x, then set the J2EE version to ...

24. Error installing Facelets plugin? Wrong version of JSP editor?

I just downloaded and tried to install the facelets support for netbeans on my 6.5 install of netbeans. When I try to install the nbm files i get a couple of error messages like: "The plugin JSP editor is requested in version >= 1.23.39 but only was found" and "The plugin JSP parser is requested in version >= 2.6.21 but ...

25. Can't get latest version of jsp in server !!!!

I am able to call .jsp file from my system ONLY ONCE (the very 1st time), after its creation. Our JSP-server is TOMCAT-Server 3.2.1 which is located in another machine(our network server -Win2000 ). If I modified the .jsp file from my system & downloaded into TOMCAT-Server 3.2.1, I am not getting the refreshed/latest version. I don't know why my jsp-server ...

26. The major.minor version '48.0' is too recent

Hi, I'm using jdk1.4 with Tomcat 4.0.3 and I can't compile a jsp-page! Anybody who has seen this before? Or anyone that really can use Tomcat 4.0.3 with jdk1.4? org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSPerror: Invalid class file format in c:\j2sdk1.4.0\jre\lib\rt.jar(java/lang/Object.class). The major.minor version '48.0' is too recent for this tool to understand. /Enrico

28. NIO and JDK version

29. JSP version

30. JSP versions

I'm afraid that in this case, no news is bad news. A lot changed between JSP 1.1 and 1.2 and merely swapping out a few jars isn't an option. Unless somebody else has some bright ideas, I think your options are: 1) Convince the customer to update to a container that supports JSP 1.2 2) Re-jigger the app to work under ...

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34. Version Control Using JSP

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41. How to detect JRE version in JSP

42. JSP code for JRE version

43. JSP version info. Please

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46. Diff B/w Various Jsp Versions

47. Old Version Of JSP

49. Capturing Application Version on JSP

I have a link on every page of my web app called "About". Clicking on this link brings up a pop up which shows the details of all the developers who contributed to the development of this webapp. I want to be able to show the version of the webapp too. The only thing is that the version changes each time ...

50. "target" version of c:set

51. Bad version number in .class file

Tomcat is compatible with both JDK versions. It sounds as if you are compiling with JDK 1.6, and running the code with JDK 1.5. So changing the JRE in Eclipse (as suggested above) won't solve the problem (it's set to 1.6 already). What you need to do is to compile the code and run it with the same JRE/JDK version. So ...

52. Version of JSP

53. JSP/Servlet Version

55. Can you change the JSP version?

56. Changing JSP version

57. JSP versions

58. Servlet version compatibility

61. how do i know the servlet version

62. finding versions of servlet & jsp

63. Diff B/w Various Servlet Versions

64. servlet / jsp versions

65. Update Servlet version from 2.4 to 2.5

I tried to change the servlet version of my web application from 2.4 to 2.5. The web application in 2.4 which was developed and runned successfully in a Jetty server did not work properly with 2.5. The problem lied with JSTL. It would not recognize the ${} method of accessing variables. All I did changes was the descriptor in the web.xml ...

66. Head First Servlets & JSP - Chapter 3, servlet version 2

package com.example.web; import com.example.model.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import*; import java.util.*; public class BeerSelect extends HttpServlet { public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); out.println("Beer Selection Advice
"); String c = request.getParameter("color"); BeerExpert be = new BeerExpert(); List result = be.getBrands(c); Iterator it = result.iterator(); while(it.hasNext()) { out.println("
try: " +; } } ...

67. Head First Servlets & JSP: Can't compile second version of

David, It seems you are mixing ; and : in your classpath (as path separators)... I think it is ; for Windows and : for Unix/Linux. So the compiler might be getting lost on the classes and . folders. Hope it helps. [ May 29, 2008: Message edited by: Rodrigo Tomita ]

68. Which version of "servlet-api.jar" should I download and from where ?

Welcome to JavaRanch. The error message that you get means that you are trying to use a JAR file which is for Java 5 and newer on JDK 1.4. Where did you get that servlet-api.jar? Are you using Tomcat 6.0? Note that Tomcat 6.0 requires Java 5 or newer, it will not work on Java 1.4.

69. Bad version number in .class file

70. Latest Version of Servlet.jar/ j2EE.jar

78. outputting servlet version in the jsp

79. Multiple version of same jar

81. Detect browser type and version

82. Finding J2EE Version

86. JSP - Bad version number in .class file

87. Head First Servlet : Beer Version 2 Problem

Hello Guys, I don't where I'm going wrong in this problem. Below are details: Below is my file which is stored at src/com/example/model package com.example.model; import java.util.*; public class BeerExpert { @SuppressWarnings("rawtypes") public List getBrands(String color) { List brands=new ArrayList(); if(color.equals("amber")) { brands.add("Jack Amber"); brands.add("Red Moose"); } else { brands.add("Jail Ale Pale"); brands.add("Gout Stout"); } return(brands); } } When I ...

88. MQ version 7.0.1 compatibility with Java 1.4 / 1.5 and 1.6

Dear All, Recently we upgraded our MQ to version 7.0.1 but the memory usage suddenly rose to 5 times the earlier memory usage. We have Java code which connects to MQ. With the earlier version of MQ, the Java version we were using was 1.4. But with the upgraded version of MQ (i.e. version 7.0.1 we are now using Java 1.5)... ...

90. servlet version

92. SCWDC CX 310-083 - which servlet / JSP versions?

Hi. I succesfully completed the SCJP6 exam, and now it's time for the next step. I chose SCWCD5 (CX 310-083), but I don't know, neither can I find it in the objectives, which servlet and JSP version I should learn. Is it the latest one, servlet 2.5? Or something a little more outdated? If the latter, when is there going to ...

93. retrieve connector version using JSP

94. JSP version of a JavaScript

95. Versioning Problem when running Servlet...