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1. Download servlet issue with ie 6

I need to write a download servlet in java to download a file from the web server. I am setting the response parameters as follows:

resp.setContentType( (mimetype != null) ? mimetype : ...

2. make document available for download through java/servlet

hello everyone I need to know if there is a way in java/servlet to make documents(doc,pdf) stored in database available for download to users in requested way(please see below), for example there ...

3. Java Servlet Download

I have wrote a servlet which is used to check http header but I don't know why when the page is loaded, it starts downloading automatically.


4. Servlet download advice

6. where to go for servlet development kit download

I was wondering if it was possible to get the latest JSDK and use it with JRun. I presume Tomcat is a servlet/web server. I just want to use a new feature of the servlet extension (namely adding headers to a response) and I find it hard to believe that I have to use a different servlet/server !! Any help would ...

8. downloading in servlets

9. downloading servlets

10. Downloading to Mac using Servlet

12. Attechedment/DownLoad Servlet

13. Downloads through servlets,only after authorization ?

Hi Consider following problem : - We have some files in doc/html/pdf format to be downloaded by user. - Only registered user should have access to these. - A authentication servlet , takes username & password , and after verifying these , saves a Boolean-object in http-session as 'RightToDownload' with value true. Now is there any foolproof-way , by which a ...

15. servlet not displaying is downloading

18. multipart download servlet

Ok, so I have put together a login servlet which redirects back to itself with an incorrect login but that sends a multipart (using MIME) HTML document if the user is authenticated. I know when many look at this the response may be "why didn't you use the O'Reily classes for this?". My reasons are a) I don't like the license ...

19. Servlet downloading

20. downloading from a servlet

21. Re: downloading from a servlet

23. Can JSR servlet 2.5 be download ?

24. Initiate a download from a servlet

Setting the response's MIME type then redirecting will work, but how do go about it if you don't know its MIME type? When you just click on the link to its URL you don't specify its MIME type. How can I get it to start the download of a file with just knowing its URL?

25. Download through servlets

26. Best Practices: Downloading Binaries in a Servlet Application

Greetings I'm looking for advice on the most professional way to incorporate the ability to download binary files from a J2EE web application. In such an application there would be the following requirements: 1) A client of the application must authenticate before being allowed to download anything, 2) the binary files would preferably be located external to the web application directory ...

27. Servlet Download Problem

Hi, I am using a servlet for downloading my octet-stream file from server. Its working fine when the size of the file is above 0 bytes. If the file size is 0 bytes the file is not downloaded and I am getting http 502 error in server. Anybody have solution for this issue? Here is my code: HttpSession session = null; ...

28. invalid servlet downloads

I have an HTML page , register.html. It calls a servelet '' The problem is that, the servlet displays a form window for user input. When user inputs data and submits, then a new window appears which asks us to download Register.class file. Please suggest me how to fix this ?? Here is the code.. /* * To change this template, ...

29. Servlet classes download

Previously I was using the entire j2ee package from Sun which included the servlet package with it. Now I want just the servlet classes, as in just the servlet package so that I can just include the jar in my classpath and work with it. But i can't find the servlet package for 2.4 and 2.5 for download. 2.3 is available ...