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1. downloading image

hi Bill!! thanks...i believe u.. then how to include servlet in my jsp file and how to set content type in servlet.. please let me.. thanks in adv pravi Originally posted by William Brogden: I already told you this in the servlet area! JSP is designed to send characters. Your code is sending characters where the browser expects binary. Images must ...

2. Problem downloading an image using JSP

Hi all, I'm trying to download an image file from internet using the following JSP code. It's not working and not throwing any error either. Could anyone help figure out the error? void saveFile(String strFileName){ try{ URL url = new URL(strImageDownloadPath + strFileName); HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection(); String HTTP_PROXY_USERNAME = System.getProperty("http.proxyUsername"); String HTTP_PROXY_PASSWORD = System.getProperty("http.proxyPassword"); String authString = HTTP_PROXY_USERNAME + ":" ...

3. Downloading image on mobile phone

hello everybody I have windows 2000 server and Tomcat 4.0.1 installed on it and i have a folder called test in tomcat in which i have a image file and a jsp file in which i have a button called Download is a gif file.what i want is that when someone access the jsp page through there MOBILE and clicks ...

4. How to download an image in jsp

HI, In my project im displaying images in a page. I made all the images as a link. Now i want while clicking those images the imgaes has to be downlaoded that is the open with r save to disk dialogue box to be opened. can anyone tell me how to do this thanx a lot

5. Downloading image file using JSP