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1. IE7 issue - cannot download streamed file when Automatic prompting for file downloads is disabled    stackoverflow.com

My application is J2EE (JSP/Servlet) based. I encounter an issue when i try to open a new window (pop-up) from JSP and call a Servlet action (e.g. Streamer.do) which streams a ...

2. JSP: I am doing an application in which i have to download ppt file     stackoverflow.com

I am working on an application wherein I have to download a PPT file using a JSP page. I am using the following code, but it's not working.

<% try {

3. JSP Download file with filename containing spaces    stackoverflow.com

I have a JSP page that handles file downloads. I set the response header like so:

response.addHeader("Content-Disposition","attachment; filename="+fileName);
When the fileName contains spaces (i.e. "Business Report.doc"), the browser's dialog window saves the file as ...

4. Using JSP to download a file    stackoverflow.com

I am currently trying to use JSP to build some small litle apps and have not got stuck on something, downloading files from a webserver. I just cant seem to work ...

5. download multiple files types    stackoverflow.com

I am using jsp servlet to upload and download files. I want to download many types of files, so I choose to download them as zip files in order not to fall ...

6. WMV file download problem jsp    stackoverflow.com

I have a jsp written in which i am downloading certain files... they are pdf, zip, ppt and wmv. All the file types works except wmv. I couldnt figure out problem. ...

7. download option window in jsp    stackoverflow.com

I need to give an option to user in jsp to choose a folder where he can save/download a file. Please help me on the same. the text input="file" will give the ...

8. Help for downloads    coderanch.com

well i have a jsp page which can display a list of documents , well if the user clicks on the document then im showing it on a separate jsp page , well what i need is that if document is greater than 40 mb then i should prompt the user to download it ... <% if (file.length()> 41940000) { // ...

9. Problem with downloading files    coderanch.com

Hi all I am using the below given code to download files from a remote server through a web page. It works fine with files of size larger than around 10k. But it gives me an error when I try to download files below 10K. I get a pop up error message from IE saying this. "Internet Explorer cannot download ...

10. how to download a file.......    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Biju Nair: The easiest method is to read the file using FileInputStream from the server, change its content type to 'application/octet-stream' and append it to the ServeltResponse. The browser will pop up the download window and the user can save the file to his harddisk. I wouldn't say that's the EASIEST way but it is probably the best ...

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13. how to download files using JSP\java    coderanch.com

hi everyone did someone know how to download a file from server using JSP\java...any method ? for file upload i use input type "file" from which i get the file path and then i use input\output streams to upload file. i want to use same technique for downloading but i dont know how to select folder path from inside browser. i ...

14. Change file name on generated download file    coderanch.com

The scenario: There is a list of files that logged in users are able to download. The files themselves are not kept within the web root, as we need to be able to ensure that a user has rights to download the file. To do this I have created a JSP page which (a) checks that the user is logged and ...

17. file downloading    coderanch.com

18. File Downloading in IE6    coderanch.com

Okay, I know there are a LARGE number of posts (on javaranch and in general) on how to properly have my code allow downloading of a text file without displaying the file contents in the browser. The forum postings that had solutions seem to fail thus far, in reference to contentTypes. I'm specifically concerned with download of a tab-delimited text file. ...

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20. problem with downloading file    coderanch.com

21. How to enable downloads    coderanch.com

Huh? I have no idea what you're saying. What I'm asking is what would you have to implement on the server side so that if the user clicks on it you download a file. Is this an FTP link of some kind? Can you be a little more specific? Thanks. -- Mike

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24. File Downloads using servlets    coderanch.com

25. downloading file    coderanch.com

was asked this question recently : you are downloading a file (by clicking on a button/link) on a jsp. since its a big file and will take time to download, you need to show the size of the file and download status to the user. how will you do it ? any answers appreciated

26. How do I execute a file download from JSP    coderanch.com

I have a jsp called test.jsp, the only code on this page is: <%@ page import="java.io.*,javax.servlet.*,java.util.* "%> <% String filename = request.getParameter("type"); response.setContentType("application/octet-stream"); String value = "attachment; filename=\"" + filename + "\";" ; response.setHeader("Content-Disposition",value); int iRead; FileInputStream stream = null; try { File f = new File("C://test//" + filename); stream = new FileInputStream(f); while ((iRead = stream.read()) != -1) { out.write(iRead); ...

27. file download method    coderanch.com

I have the following file download code that I am trying to create a method out of: <%! private void writeTheFileToStream(JspWriter out, String fileName){ int iRead; FileInputStream stream = null; try{ File f = new File("C://test//" + fileName); stream = new FileInputStream(f); while((iRead = stream.read()) != -1){ out.write(iRead); }//end while out.flush(); }catch(Exception e){ System.err.println("test.jsp.writeTheFileToStream(): " + e.toString()); }//end catch finally{ try{ ...

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29. how to download stuff from remote machine through a jsp    coderanch.com

i have a jsp page that lists me the names of the zip files in a paricular directory on a remote computer over the network.wat i want to do is download those files.so when i click on them it gives me "page cannot be displayed" error.but when i go to that remote machine and run the same jsp to list me ...

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31. How to add a File Hyperlink to jsp?user can download it?    coderanch.com

Hi friends: I am writing a mail systems.I can receive email attachment using javamail API. But I don't know how to add a hyperlink to the attachment so when user click the hyperlink the file will be download to disc. I means that I want to add a hyperlink to the attachment,the hyperlink will get the file's path in mail server.Because ...

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33. How do I download files?    coderanch.com

34. File Download Problem:GIF,DOC    coderanch.com

35. Downloading problem    coderanch.com

moving this to the JSP forum where I think they'll be able to help some more. However, I think yo may need to specify the quesiton a bit more. I *think* what you're trying to do is get one of those "save as" boxes to pop up when someone clicks that link to download something... is that right? Nonetheless -- please ...

36. Multiple file download    coderanch.com

hi, Im facing a dilemma at the moment. Can anyone figure out how to download multiple files? My initial solution was to use: "window.open()" in javascript and then call the page that downloads by looping. Unfortunately, the window that is opened does not close even after the download ends. My client does not want this to happen. Even if I invoke ...

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42. download files from UNC using jsp    coderanch.com

43. from where to download the package    coderanch.com

gaurav, JavaRanch is a community of people from all over the world, many of who are not native English speakers. While using abbreviations like "u" instead of spelling out "you" is convenient when text messaging your friends on a cell phone or in a chat room, it presents an extra challenge to those that are already struggling with English. Additionally, such ...

45. csvfile download problem in jsp    coderanch.com

i want to download a csv file from the server .actually i have given the code for storing this file as well as the code for downloading the same file in the same jsp.but along with the required contents,the html code in the program is also displayed in the csv file.is there any way to solve this problem. [Bear edit: only ...

46. how to set the download mode    coderanch.com

47. JSP download    coderanch.com

Hello Bear, The case that I am facing is : When the administrator checks a time sheet, a buton ( export to excel ) saves the time sheet on the client. The time sheet data are not in a file on the web server the are in a database. I was thinking when pressing the button, the data first gets saved ...

48. JSP: DownLoad a file    coderanch.com

49. how to download    coderanch.com

51. File Download Issue    coderanch.com

If you have a Web site that lets the users download files, is there a slick way to say create a temporary file on the fly and send it directly to a URL. Say I'm connected to siteX. I click a link to download a file. The file is generated by code that's running on the server. What I'm asking is ...

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53. How to download a midi file using jsp    coderanch.com

54. File Download from JSP    coderanch.com

56. Regd. downloading from jsp    coderanch.com

57. file download from JSP    coderanch.com

Hi, You can call a Servlet on the onclick event of ur link from jsp. U will be passing the required attributes to this link. Ex : call javascript on ur onclick event. And ur servlet will be like this. Get the filecontent in bytes from the specified fileid (or what machanism u use to fetch the file content) and the ...

58. File Download Problem    coderanch.com

59. downloading a file    coderanch.com

61. How can I download a file from a jsp?    coderanch.com

Hi All, I will have a jsp page that knows the path and name to a PDF file on the server machine. I want to provide a "download" button so that a user can get the file onto thier client machine. They won't want to open/look at the file, just save it to thier client machine. The part that I am ...

62. Downloading TarGz file    coderanch.com

i am calling createTarGzArchive and paasing list contails 4 XML files path. I have written below method for creating TarGZ byte array. public static byte[] createTarGzArchive(List compressedFileList) throws ContextException { ByteArrayOutputStream byteArrayOutputStream = null; File compressedFileEntry = null; FileOutputStream stream = null; TarGzOutputStream out = null; TarEntry tarEntry = null; FileInputStream fileInputStream = null; try{ String fileName = null; byteArrayOutputStream = ...

63. File download    coderanch.com

64. download file option    coderanch.com

65. Prevent Downloading files    coderanch.com

Gopi, Welcome to JavaRanch! What happens when the browser sees an audio file is dependent on the user's configuration. There is nothing you can do on the server to force it to open inline if the user is set up that way. If you don't need the audio to launch in a new file, you can embed it in the page ...

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68. file download from JSP ?    coderanch.com

69. how to download a file through JSP    coderanch.com

70. How do I download a file using JSP    coderanch.com

<%@page import="java.io.*" %> <%! FileInputStream fin= null; %> <%! String fname = null; %> <% fname = request.getParameter("fileName"); fin = new FileInputStream(fname); int i = 0; while ((i ...

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74. Downloading a file with Servlets or JSP - URGENT    coderanch.com

Hi I want to make a servlet or JSP to download .cvs excel files. Those files will be generated on the fly. and will be download How will I make this? -------------------- I will use sevlet/Jsp to connect the database and I want to make a .cvs file with the values that I fecth from the database. I can change the ...

75. Download files only using JSP    coderanch.com

76. From where Can I download JSP?    coderanch.com

Hello Frank, I had signed up using the user name as varsha mhaskar 4-5 months back and I was using that account. After passing SCJP I did not log on to this site for couple of months. Then I tried logging on to this site but I failed to login using my username and password. so I thought that I have ...

77. Download option in JSP    coderanch.com

Hi All I am facing a problem in downloading option in a JSP page. My jsp page display list of files(any extension) with hyperlink.now clicking on the hyperlink, a download dialog box should be displayed(Save,Open). I had used a.zip. But it's work with all types of file except .txt,.bmp,.html(those file are recognised by browser). Can any one suggest me ...

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79. Download File using JSP Code    coderanch.com

80. JSP File Download    coderanch.com

I am sorry folks if this question has already been answered ...but i searched the net quite extensively for this solution but could not find any ... I have got this jsp page which displays some data in a table (of course dynamically) ... and the same thing is getting written to a csv file at the same time ... i ...

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84. Problem with File Downloading Program    coderanch.com

85. Close Popup Window after download completes    coderanch.com

Hi All, I am placing a link on a page, which when clicked, initiates a download on the client computer. I am doing this, by calling a new popup window, and then calling a javascript function onLoad in that popup page. The javascript clickes on a hidden link and invokes a bean method which leads to the download. Now i want ...

86. Download voice file using jsp    coderanch.com

87.  is not downloading the file    coderanch.com

88. create space for download on my site    coderanch.com

Yes, it sounds like you just want to download files; if you search the web for "download servlet" or something similar you will find countless examples. If you're actually storing the songs in the database (something I don't really recommend, but others may have a different opinion), you just need to get the bytes and stream those to the lient using ...

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91. How do I download Java EE 6    coderanch.com

92. Slow File Download    coderanch.com

Afternoon All This may not strictly be a JSP issue. I have a JSP app, it has a servlet that handles downloading a file, there is various piddling around that happens before the actual download - it's not important other than to say the result is a file object called downloadFile... response.reset(); ins = new FileInputStream(downloadFile); outs = response.getOutputStream(); response.setHeader("Expires", "0"); ...

93. displaying jsp filename to downloading file in internet explorer    coderanch.com

Well, I would suggest you should spell "attachment" correctly. And I would suggest you specify a filename if you are concerned about the filename the browser is going to use. Which it seems you are, since you are complaining about the browser's choice. As for "down.xslx", that seems like a strange choice for the name of your servlet. Was that really ...

94. how to create download function in JSP?    forums.oracle.com

95. JSP to download an exe...    forums.oracle.com

96. Download a file using jsp    forums.oracle.com

Java has nothing to do with this problem. The Excel file opens in the current browser window because of Internet Settings in Microsoft Excel. One way you can at least make it manageable is rather than use an HTML link you can use a bit of javascript in your JSP page to open the link in a seperate browser window.

97. Downloading using jsp - Can any one help me!    forums.oracle.com