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1. Downloading a zip file returns a corrupt zip using servlets

I am trying to create a zip file using servlets but it returns me a corrupt zip file , here is the code for that in zipcontents function i am creating ...

2. downloading a zip file in JSP

No matter what language you r using, download is the same. Just point to your in tag of html and as the user clicks it, It is downloaded. The auto start version just sends request to a file path and the file download window pops up automatically. For the upload version, I will ask the reliablity of the claim ...

3. download zip in jsp

6. How to download Zip file in Servlet?

7. jsp code to download zip file by clicking the link

String path=request.getParameter("path"); response.setContentType("application/zip"); //response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + path + "\""); byte[] _buf = new byte[1024]; //zos is used to write files in zip ZipOutputStream zos = null; //zip is used to read files ZipInputStream zis = null; boolean bsuccess = true; zos = new ZipOutputStream(new"D:/temp/")); zis = new ZipInputStream(new; ZipEntry ze = null;