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1. How to pass WebSEAL security context from JSP/Servlet to EJB

I have JSP with calling to my Session Bean, I've implemented this via JNDI InitialContext(). Session Bean class is having a @RolesAllowed annotation with one defined user. I want to restrict ...

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4. EJB initial context error

5. Problem with Context; Can't access ejb3 component

Hi, I apologize if this is posted before in the web, but i can't find a solution from anywhere. I created a simple ejb3 component and tried to access it from a jsp page. If i add the 3 jndi properties(java.naming.factory.initial, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs, java.naming.provider.url) to a hash table and use this to initialize my context, the page doesn't throw any exceptions. But ...

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10. Application-managed persistence context in EJB

Hi, I'm following Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD reviewer. I'm trying to create an application-managed persistenace context in an EJB. As far as I understood it, in EJB, for application-managed persistenace context, the transaction-demarcation is still done by the container. However, my test using Jboss is not being committed. It stops at prePersist, and without any errors. The test fails when it tries ...