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1. How to upload an image using JSP -Servlet and EJB 3.0    stackoverflow.com

I want to upload an Image using JSP Servlet and ejb 3.0

2. Not able to parameterize an ejb function    stackoverflow.com

I can write a ejb like this...


public class AnotherBean {

@PersistenceContext(unitName = "VoidJPA-ejbPU")
private EntityManager em;

public void newTest() {

And call it using this from a servlet
private AnotherBean nsb;
But whenever ...

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I have Java EE application which has a WAR file and an EJB file. The WAR file contains my jsps/html and my EJB contains my servlets/beans and EJB. I try to ...

4. How to invoke an EJB 3.1 non-zero-arguments constructor from a servlet?    stackoverflow.com

I have a login.java servlet and, as its name says, it provides login facilities to my web application. I'm a newbie and I'm using EJB 3.1 and EE 6. In my LoginBean.java ...

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Is there any method to prevent a Java EE application from starting if an exception occurs during application initialization? I'm basically looking for a way to cause the application to enter ...

6. EJB3.0 on Sun WebApp9.0 - dead end!    coderanch.com

Hi guys, wondering if you can help me as I'm a bit stuck with my EJB3.0 remote connection using Sun's Java WebApp9.0 Server. Quick over-view: I have a Client.war file which contains my Servlets and the Remote interfaces for teh EJB and other 'client' classes I have a EJB.jar which contains the EJBs with their interfaces I need to make a ...

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Hi. I want to learn EJB 3.0, and to do that, I need a container. Until yesterday, I had been considering Glassfish / Sun WebApp server or JBoss. However, after downloading those and running, I have to admit that they are real resource hogs (my computer is not so powerful as I would like it to be) and pretty darn complex ...

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22. EJB 3.0 Question    coderanch.com

EJB2 components can be compiled under JDK 1.4, which does not support annotations. One reason annotations were added to Java 5 was to eliminate the need for a separate metadata declarations file. A lot of modern-day frameworks support both annotations and XML. In part, this is to allow backwards compatibility, but the XML is also a way to override the annotations. ...

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24. General Query - EJB 2.1 -> EJB 3.0    coderanch.com

how much impact will be in terms of code change and other factors? This depends upon how many EJB elements have to be converted. For example, if your application has 200+ Entity EJB and 25+ Session EJB, then this is a significant impact. If your application has 5 Entity EJB and one Session EJB, then this is not so significant. Another ...

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26. EJB3 : override column mapping    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a mapped super class that maps to a field, lets say "id" (not primary key). now i have the child class which is an entity bean and here i want to over rite the id field. @mappedsuperclass() public class parent{ @Column(name="id") private string id ; getId() { } setId (String id){ } } @Entity public class child extends ...

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28. How to execute large low priority batch jobs in EJB3 application    coderanch.com

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any insights when it comes to solving the following issue : We have a large EJB3 application running and we need to do a big batch of rather time consuming operations. These operations do not have a high priority and we do not mind the entire job taking a few hours. Basically the ...

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42. Moving from EJB2 to EJB3    coderanch.com

Hello, My current application is using EJB 2 (with Jboss), and i would like to upgrade to EJB3. However, i don't want to rewrite the old code... only new code will be written in EJB3. my question is how to deploy both ejb2 and ejb3 in the same application? When i tried to change the ejb-jar.xml to work with ejb3

43. Hello world example using EJB 3    coderanch.com

I just started reading EJB 3 and tried executing a simple Hello world example but ran into some problems. I am using Eclipse along with Weblogic server 10. I created an EJB project and within it I created a stateless session bean with a remote interface. The code for the interface is package com.example; import javax.ejb.Remote; @Remote public interface HelloWorldRemote { ...

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49. EJB 2.1 and 3.0 in the same application    coderanch.com

I am attempting a similar thing. According to the ejb3 simplified spec ejb2 clients should be able to access ejb3 components using the old ejb2 access method. looking at http://www.jboss.org/file-access/default/members/jbossejb3/freezone/docs/tutorial/1.0.8/html/EJB2.1_and_EJB3_references.html it appears that you need to have the ejb-ref specified in your ejb-jar.xml which still needs to be an ejb 2 doc-type. I still haven't had any ejb3 love yet. I'm ...

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56. Problem with full rollback in EJB3 CMT    coderanch.com

Hello I've got a problem with following project. We've two classes: CustomerValue and AddressValue which are join one-to-many (Customer can have many Addresses), and I have one EJB3 bean which is responsible for transaction - putting elements into database. When I try to put some wrong data in AddressValue class (with null value), EJB does rollback but only for AddressValue entity, ...

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60. Servlets3.0 & EJB3.1    coderanch.com

package com.myproject.servlets; import java.io.IOException; import javax.ejb.EJB; import javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; import com.myproject.service.TestService; @WebServlet(urlPatterns="/test") public class TestServlet extends HttpServlet { private static final long serialVersionUID = -6645835494221407029L; @EJB TestService test; @Override public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException { this.doPost(request, response); } @Override public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException { System.out.println(test.sayHello("Homer Simpson")); } }

61. EJB 3... why should I learn it?    coderanch.com

Hi, I worked with EJB 1 & EJB 2 some years ago. For a while now I'm using Hibernate... and now more and more iBatis. Why should I learn EJB3? What are the benefits? I had lot of performance problems with EJB before... At the end, it cost me more efforts to solve the problems that writing the DAO layer by ...

62. Help EJB3    coderanch.com

Hello all! I need some help with the following: Web Server - Jboss 5.1.0 GA IDE - eclipse I created a EJB project using eclipse and the following files: ejb.server.HelloWorld.HelloWorldBeanRemote package ejb.server.HelloWorld; import javax.ejb.Remote; @Remote public interface HelloWorldBeanRemote { public void sayHelloRemoto(); } ejb.server.HelloWorld.HelloWorldBeanLocal package ejb.server.HelloWorld; import javax.ejb.Local; @Local public interface HelloWorldBeanLocal { public void sayHelloLocal(); } ejb.server.HelloWorld.HelloWorldBean package ejb.server.HelloWorld; import ...

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64. Handle a ServerSocket in an EJB3-powered webapp    coderanch.com

I have a webapp (using GlassFish) that uses EJB3/JPA for persistence. It also has to serve some external devices that can connect via TCP. What is The Right Way to do this? I have been experimenting with a separate TCP server thread, started from a ContextListener: Executor executor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(serverMaxThreads); ServerSocket ss; try { ss = new ServerSocket(); ss.setReuseAddress(true); ss.bind(new InetSocketAddress(serverPort)); ...

65. ejb3 hello world on was7    coderanch.com

Hi. I am new to ejb3 so please bear with me. I have successfully deployed and started an ear to WAS 7 which contains a jar containing the following two classes: package com.mybiz.server; import javax.ejb.Local; @Local public interface HelloWorld { public String getMessage(); } package com.mybiz.server; import javax.ejb.Stateless; @Stateless public class HelloWorldImpl implements HelloWorld { public String getMessage() { return "Hello ...

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71. Difference between Interceptors and Callback methods in EJB3    coderanch.com

The interceptor method runs before any of the bean's business methods are invoked. In essence , interceptors give you a way to add functionality to your business methods without modifying the methods' code. For example, you can use an interceptor to validate parameters before they're passed to a business method, or perform security checks at the time the business method is ...

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Hi all, When should EJB 3 be used? I mean in what context or situations? High volume applications? Financial Services? Personally, i haven't seen or coded an EJB project aside from the terribly implemented EJB 2 e-commerce application that i have tested in my previous company. I am trying to gather all info I can for EJB's cause i want to ...

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98. EJB3 Doubts    coderanch.com

1. Yes, stateful session beans are maintained for the user session. Why do you need to get the session ID? And why from a JSP? If you need to get the SFSB instance, you can either go for dependency injection or have a JNDI lookup for that. A JSP should only be used as a viewer component - you should not ...

99. Need Complete Example in EJB3 Tresaction Handling    coderanch.com

Hello Everyone Currently i am developing Simple Banking Application in JAVA(EJB3)..so i have problem in Transaction handling in my Application My scenario : there is Joint A/C access tow users at same time different Machine User A Withdraw money User B also Withdraw money and also ..My Database updated There is Sequence Number in master Transaction Table inside my Database it ...

100. Accessing 3rd party static method from ejb3    coderanch.com

Hello to all, I've a long time forum browser. I have a question regarding acessing a static method from within a @Statless bean. The company I work for has close to a dozen seperate systems, and we are attempting to reduce code redundancy by utilizing web services. The long and short is that I need to "validate" some email addresses that ...