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I have an application which will involve a JSF front end and will send requests to a MQ (Most likely JBoss messaging). And a business layer which will read the messages and apply business logic and store it in Database. The UI layer will be on a separate Tomcat and Business layer on JBoss. The business layer needs to be scalable, ...

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Howdy Askar! Yes, it's true - the @Singleton annotation annotates a special type of SLSB for which only one instance in whole application can exist (1 instance per JVM). It's correct that in the multi-noded environment this is no longer a "singleton" in the context of the whole environment. The situation is the same as with ServletContext in Servlets (1 context ...

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Hello Everyone! I'm kinda confused how to proceed in the recently installed RSA7.5 (over RSA7.0) on my system. So previously i had setup my EJB project on RSA7.0 with EJB3.0 feature pack for WAS 6.1 along with JPA1.0. Now, we've had an upgrade to RSA7.5 which is said to have EJB3.0 and JPA1.0 INBUILT ! So, now when i try to ...

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Hi, Is it possible to mix BMT and CMT as in the next example. TestAddCommand method is under BMT and calls methods of AddCommand and RemoveCommand which is under CMT. Is this possible? @Stateless(mappedName = "AddCommand",name="AddCommand") @TransactionManagement(TransactionManagementType.CONTAINER) public class AddCommand extends TransactionalCommand implements AddCommandLocal{ private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(AddCommand.class.getName()); @Override @TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRED) protected Object command(Object[] args) throws Exception { if(logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.debug("Inserting ...

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Hello there, I would like to know what is the proper EJB3.1 packaging for this situation: I got ejb-jar module with application logic which uses other ejb-jar module with persistence. The problem is that I would like to have various persistence modules (e.g persistence-jpa.jar, persistence-jdbc.jar ... and so on), so the application logic should operate persitence via some interface (implemented all ...