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1. Classes of referenced EJB project not found in (the referencing) Web project

I'm learning J2EE and EJB and I've run into a strange problem. This is my project setup: I'm using Glassfish 3.1 and Eclipse 3.7. I have two projects in Eclipse:

  1. An EJB 3.0 ...

2. EJB development using Eclipse

I'm using eclipse and netbeans (latest versions of both) just to try both they're both pretty straight forward, not needed any plugins as yet. Netbeans feels really easy to get a bean up running and debugging but I'm back with eclipse for the moment possible because I normally use it more and I'm used to it. What would you want a ...

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8. Eclipse EJB doesn't update manifest file?

Hi, I'm starting a new JEE project from scratch, and I'm having some troubles I where it should be quite easy. I'm using Eclipse Galileo 3.5.1, and Maven2Plugin. So I have the following project structure: test-project test-common test-ejb test-web test-ear All projects were created inside Eclipse, with default maven structures (except test-project), then the pom's were added accordingly. The most important ...

9. Eclipse,EJb3 and Glassfish V3

10. EJB 3 Eclipse Jboss issues

11. eclipse ejb ?

I have my ejb bean classes create on my desktop. I am trying to do ejb thru eclipse. So I selected the new > ejb project in eclipse. This gave me ejbModule directory META-INF ejb-jar.xml an empty build directory Right of the bat the project had one error because the ejb-jar.xml needed one ejb defined for it ...

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14. Problem in accessing EJB from Servlet using Eclipse & Glassfish V2.

Hi, I am trying to access the EJB (EJB3.0) from Servlet. I am getting the below error. I have tried both JNDI lookup and dependency injection. But none are working. I have included the Student.jar for the project StudentEE.war. The archieve is StudentEAR.ear No error is coming during compilation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [#|2008-10-02T15:36:46.000+0530|SEVERE|sun-appserver9.1||_ThreadID=19;_ThreadName=Thread-162;_RequestID=bc2e35ce-a23e-4527-985c-2ab18269ef6e;|Class [ Lcom/session/StudentRemote; ] not found. Error while loading [ class ...

15. Calling EJB from Servlet using Eclipse gaynymede

Hi Kumar, What type of eclipse project are you using? Please use "Enterprise Application Project". And when you create a new "Enterprise Application Project", you can create a Dynamic Web Project and EJB project. When you do it this way, the servlets in Dynamic web project can access the classes in EJB project. A * R

16. Which ECLIPSE subproject to choose to develop JSP, SERVLET and EJB?

Hi, I am very new to JAVA. I want to find an IDE to start to learn and develop JAVA program. I know Eclipse is a good one among all others. but when i browser their site, there are alot of sub projects and I dont know which one is right for me. I want to develop JSP, SERVLET, and EJB ...