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I want to split my application into four parts: - a library that contains my entities - a library that contains remote interfaces - the server code, using the two libraries to implement the interfaces - and the application, using the two libraries to query the server and handle display etc. i have a persistence.xml in the entity library and that ...

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Hello everyone, I have an EJB3 entity bean like this: @Entity public class Promotion { ... private RuleModel rule; ... } where RuleModel is a POJO and its object graph could get very complex, so I don't want to map it to persistence, instead I want to directly store the object instance of RuleModel along with my Promotion entity bean. I've ...

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Hi Richard! Good to have another book on EJB 3.1 to choose from! It certainly looks interesting. I was wondering what you think of using Entities: should we use them only in the "Model" layer and use DAO's (or something similar) in the "View/Controller"-layer? Or do you think it is okay to pass them through the service facade and just use ...