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1. EJB or Servlet - how to add a 'kill switch' to force a process/thread to stop

Hey all, Kind of an open question that I run into once in a while -- if you have an EJB stateful or stateless bean, or possibly a direct servlet process, that ...

2. pass value from java action class to ejb?

i have developed one web application. I put session id in hashtable. I want to use this hash table in ejb. Means i want to use this login session in ejb. Is ...

3. multi threaded servlet; single threaded ejb

In a traditional n tier web app with servlets for web layer and ejbs(2.0) for biz layer, what is the rationale behind making the servlet model multi threaded and the ejb ...

4. Noob JSP + Servlet + EJB information for building J2EE simple web project

I am new to Java. Covered basics and now jumping into making a simple web project. Project with functionality as below 1- CSS and Javascript use. 2- Managing user information (Add, Update, Delete, ...

5. My JSP is using EL its not getting the getLocation property

The class 'Beans.SidePanelBean' does not have the property "getLocation" is the exact error. I'm follow the naming convention accordingly (I think) and I am still getting this error. My JSP

<li>Pick Up Location</li>
My ...

6. Connect JSP and EJB

How can I connect JSP pages and Enterprise JavaBeans?

  1. Lookup the EJBs from within a JSP, but use the EJBs from within a basic JavaBean?
  2. Lookup and use the EJBs from a ...

7. Is it possible to activate a servlets doGet() from an EJB

I have a unique scenario where I'm using a servlet to dynamically output to the browser with calls to a database. The content type is RSS-XML so that it can ...

8. ejb servlet

You probably also should look at your Servlet as a Bean, therefore, you would not add a Bean into a Servlet but could make a Servlet work as a Bean. In ...

9. how to create seam servlet with EJB entitymanager?

Hi,I try to create fully functional seam servlet with EJB3.0 em.I read this artice: anybody point step-by-step how to get what I want?1. I created class:`@Scope(ScopeType.APPLICATION)@Name("myResource")@BypassInterceptorspublic class MyResource extends AbstractResource { @Override public String getResourcePath() { return "/myresource"; } @Override ...

10. servlet ejb communication


12. JDBC in Servlets or EJB

omeone told me that in java the databases can be retrieved and updated more properly in EJB as compare to Servlets. you can use an EJB inside a servlet or use plain JDBC from within a Servlet , so these two are different stuff. servlet is in use for processing request that comes across the web and EJB is an standard ...

13. Set Up Needed for Servlets, EJB, JSP

15. Hosting JSP/Servlets/EJB - Available?

16. Make SERVLET talk to EJB

Hi! I have started working on an application where my SERVLET retrieves parameters from an html page, transfers them to the ejb container, then it receives results from the Session Bean through the container, and Publishes back the result as an html file, to the end user. Now the problem is, while I write the source code for the Servlet i.e ...

17. iPlanet:EJB:SERVLET(Urgent)

18. Servlet - EJB - JSP

19. JSP-Servlet-EJB architectures

Hi all, I am working on my first J2EE project. There are other developers on my team who have more experience with J2EE than me but I still have doubts as to the direction that we are taking. I would like to get feedback about some design issues. Say I wanted to do a search for customers. What are the pros ...

20. With EJB why use Servlets.

21. servlet or ejb implementation


23. EJB v/s Servlets

24. using servlets or ejb

Hi, Why i asked tht questions regarding ejb v/s servlets is because i have this one project where i have a transaction table where user payments are taken and 2 tables r updated.The no. of transactions basically depend on user payments in a day.It can be from 10-30 in a day.And data can be entered into the system by multiple users ...

25. ejb or servlets

26. about servlet and ejb

27. Servlet or EJB design question for Online Store

I'm sure this question gets asked all the time, so please bear with me. I am creating an online store for our company. As part of the design, I wanted to seperate the admin/back-office functions into a seperate webapp. The admin webapp will be located on our local company intranet. My question is about how to best design this in terms ...

28. Using servlets with EJB

29. jsp,servlet and ejb

30. servlet & EJB

31. create, read and write ms excel through j2ee( jsp, ejb, servlets)

Hi... Can anyone tell me how to create,read and write to microsoft excel sheets... I need to generate reports and graphs from a database to an excel spread sheet fast and effeciantly through a web application... Are there any api's available... and is it feasible or a good idea to create reports through ms excel or should i conform to a ...

32. JSPs, Servlets and EJB's??

33. creation of servlets and EJBs what to use? V Cafe? V InterDev? Does it matter?

To do only JSP and servlets, you don't strictly speaking, need an 'app' server, if you treat 'application server' to mean (as I think most people still do?) an EJB container. Tomcat is a web-container (or 'servlet runner') and is also built-in to JBuilder. It is the reference implementation and also fairly easy to use. If you're using the non-free version ...

34. Servlets - JSPs - EJB

35. Servlet and ejb

37. Servlets or EJB ?

38. Data transfer fro ejb to servlet

39. EJB versus servlet

40. EJB and JSP/servlet hosting

41. How to connect Servlets and EJBs

42. Activating a Trigger from a Servlet or EJB

43. Why there are restrictions on EJB, but not on Servlet?

The primary reason I can think of why a servlet is not treated like an EJB is that a servlet is not an EJB. Perhaps you can explain why you have this question in the first place; i.e., what is it about a servlet leads you to believe it should have the same "restrictions" as an EJB? ~