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Hi Jeanne, Thanks for your reply. But in case of using JNDI lookup, I will need to maintain weblogic.xml for the jndi name? Moreover I will also need to maintain the other DD's which will make the implementation as it was when I was using ejb 2.0 Is there any way out of this?? Hope to get some advise. Thanks once ...

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Hi Saurabh, The problem is that weblogic does not make business local interfaces available on the global JNDI tree. This is not specified in EJB 3.0 specification so some vendors make business local interfaces available on the global JNDI tree (e.g. JBoss), while others filter them (e.g. Weblogic). To access the business local interface you need to define ejb local references ...

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Iam trying to deploy a simple ejb3 application on weblogic 10.3, but it keeps giving an error. My ejb project contains a persistance.xml.file in Meta-INF folder and looks like below. java:/MySQLDS The config.xml in user_projects\domains\my_domain\config looks like below

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