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2. Doubt in EJB3/Annotation

4. EJB3 Annotation

5. EJB 3 TransactionTimeout annotation needed

I have EJB 3 Stateful session bean in the application. (weblogic 10.3 application server and jdk 1.6_05) This EJB is in a complicated transaction which executes for more than 30 seconds (default transaction timeout value for EJB) I need an annotation example (as I dont have any weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file) where I can set my own transaction timeout value for this EJB. ...

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9. Question with @EJB annotation

10. Advanced Predefined Annotations used with EJB3.0

Hi Ravi: I have read the book EJB 3 in action (11.3.5 Using vendor-specific annotations and descriptors) that these configurations are left to the vendors as proprietary features, and they can be supported with "proprietary annotations", "proprietary deployment descriptors", or both. For example for Oracle: You use library: oracle.j2ee.ejb.StatelessDeployment Configures pooling with Oracles proprietary annotation: import oracle.j2ee.ejb.StatelessDeployment; @StatelessDeployment( minInstances = 100, ...

11. EJB Annotation

13. Class level annotations in EJB3

What I am getting here is, using these, say @EJB, annotation at class level, we are creating one entry in the ENC of the containing bean & to map actual bean(instance) with this entry, we may directly link it by referring to another JNDI entry or by pointing to that EJB. Which can be done either by using "beanInterface" element in ...

14. annotations in ejb

15. Annotations and EJB's

Ok I will explain you the concept of annotation in EJB 3 with the help of below EJB example. This is a simple EJB for validating credit card number. Here we are using two annotations. Stateless and Remote. These annotations will be first processed by a program called annotation processor that can read a Java program and take actions based on ...

17. @EJBs annotation.

18. Annotations used in EJB 3.1