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1. Is there good EJB3 book?

I studied EJB2 w/ "Head First EJB" I bougut 1.5 years ago. And, I decided to use this knowledge (and Servlet/JSP) to make some web-browser-based game (like Archmage). However, the world(!) has been changed a lot, and I feel my book is out-of-date. I'm confusing because of bunch of annotation and persistance blahblah, ... Question: * Is my book useless nowadays? ...

2. Improving an EJB 3 Book (EJB 3 in Action)

Hi guys, First of all, many thanks to folks in this forum for putting in some kind words for EJB 3 in Action. We have had a stream of folks to the Manning EJB 3 in Action Author Online Forum that have mentioned this forum as a jump off point. Needless to say, I and the other authors of EJB 3 ...

3. Eminently Readable EJB 3 Book

4. good books for jsp/servlet/ejb

7. best book for beginers in ejb 3.0

8. Problem running code from EJB in action book (chapter1)

Well, I did everything as in the book, I'm using GlassFich,, etc.. I tried to run the code with the .jar from command line but it failed with same error.. the .jar i tried was clientxx.jar and if the problem is with .jar file then i don't know what's the right .jar

10. Best EJB books for beginners

11. EJB 3.0 headfirst book

12. Head First EJB book

13. What is the best EJB Book?

14. EJB 3.1 and/or Java EE 6 book

15. Can't run code of the Head First EJB book

Dear Sir/Madam, I have bought Head First EJB (Eighteenth Indian Reprint February 2008) and now I have started reading it. But I found huge differfence using software. The Sun technology seems to have changed a lot form when the book was written. I have downloaded and Installed Glassfish. But I cannot compile, deploy and run the source codes from the book. ...

16. EJB 3.0 Books

17. EJB Book

Thank You for response, Actually i think you didn't get the point . and let me explain: for Ex: JEE6 Tutorial has an examples for ejb , but it didn't explain how to create the project , it tell just open the project from the example directory. and run it, so i will not got the whole concept , what the ...

18. a good book for learning ejb

EJB is by now up to 3.1, which is just a minor update to EJB 3 - so that book should be fine. If you like the Manning "... in Action" books, then "Java Persistence with Hibernate" is available, although that covers an older version of Hibernate that implements JPA 1, not the current JPA 2. And speaking of JPA, you ...

19. which book to learn for EJB 3

Hello, I am new to EJB, and dont know where to start, i have created and worked with stateless and stateful session beans in EJB2.0, is the process to create these on EJB3 the same? but one thing i am unable to understand is the concept of creating and working with the persistent beans. Please someone tell me which book should ...

21. Book on EJB and JSP