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1. Invoking an ejb using jsb as client in weblogic6.1

Hello, I wana use jsp as client for invoking an entity ejb in weblogic server6.1.I hava deployed the bean in the server as .jar file and able to execute uaing a java client,but when i try to use the same with jsp client it i hva to make anyh settings if i wana jsp as my client.i am storing my ...

2. JSP as EJB client (Urgent!)

Hi there bit of a problem - i havent used JSP too much before this week - and i am trying to have one as a client to my session bean....except i dont really know how to go about it can anyone give me some good tips on starting this, or point me to a good tutorial website? I know how ...

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11. Java SE client depends on javax.ejb?

12. How to invoke an EJB3 from a simple client

Good day you all! It's fine to be posting here in the EJB forum! I am new student of EJB3 Technology. And have previously worked with EJB2 only; I understand the development for version 3 is simplified; And I have been trying to create a Simple client for an EJB3, but the problem is that in every example, the client is ...

13. Moving EJB client to a remote machine

I have an enterprise application with an EJB module and a web client which are hosted in the same machine. (I'm using glassfish V2) Now I have a requirement of making the client a remote one.(Deploying the EJB module and web client in different machines) Can anybody show me the path to do this. What are the changes I should do ...

15. EJB and Client Side Timeout

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17. Performance : EJB 3.0 Client to Server Connectivity

Hi, I'm trying how best can performance of an EJB 3.0 client remote connectivity can be improved. During a recent post I came to know that, when a client calls an EJB 3.0 interface the actual socket connectivity which JBoss AS depends on JBoss Remoting stays for around 15 secs. Holding a cached copy of the remote interface, help us in ...

18. How to deploy and run EJB 3 and its client??

Hello everyone, I am trying to learn EJB 3 and I am struggeling with very first "Hello world" program. I have many (dumb) doubts regarding EJB concept itself which I hope some of you might be able to clear. I am tyring to run one simple EJB program but I guess I am missing something. I have one @remote interface : ...

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21. EJB, Realms and Remote Clients

I have an stateless EJB setup on a Glassfish V3 server @Stateless @RolesAllowed("ADMIN") public class BusinessInterface implements BusinessInterfaceRemote { ... } I have used the default "file" realm that is configured with Glassfish and setup a user User ID: Dave Group List ADMIN Password: password Now I added a deployment descriptor to my EJB app wiht the following: ...

22. ejb client

23. can client able to call EJB directly

Hi, Nobody calls enterprise beans directly, except containers. We have the interfaces to access the EJBs and we use Remote and Local interfaces for this. Below is the sequence of events. 1) Getting reference to home interface, typically using JNDI. 2) Call create method on home interface, that would result you the remote interface of the EJB. 3) Now you have ...

24. Generating EJB Stub code (Client code for Remote and Home references)

Hi Friends, I have an ejb(third party's) which is hosted in a remote server. Let us say i have only JNDI name with me, If i want to invoke this EJB which is deployed in remote server how can i get the Remote and Home stub interfaces while writing lookup code? How to communicate with that EJB Service provider to ask ...

25. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when the EJB Client is executed

Dear All, I am not so well versed in J2EE. I have developed one EJB project named 'ejbs'. And I have an EJB Client (running on a different JVM) which calls a remote method of a session bean of the EJB project. I have added one folder named 'lib' in the EJB project 'ejbs' and added a jar file named external.jar ...

26. EJB Client Timeout

28. Application client use of EJB?

Hi, I'm new to Java EE so please bear with me. I am trying to write a server that will listen for connections. When one arrives, it will hand off the connection (server socket) to a stateful bean which will service it and then be destroyed when the connection terminates. The stateful bean will use various JPA entities. I am trying ...

29. how to call Remote Interface from a Stand Alone Client in EJB 3.0

Hi all.. I am new to EJB 3.0 and i want to call Remote Interface From a stand Alone Clent. My session Bean is deployed on the JBOSS 4.2.1.GA Server. And My Client is At other JVM .It is a Simple Java Project Having a main Method... My Client Class is.. package client; import java.util.Properties; import javax.naming.Context; import javax.naming.InitialContext; import javax.naming.NamingException; ...

30. EJB local client VS EJB remote client

31. Can't access EJB from remote client

32. access Remote EJB from stand Alone Client

it's a combilation error , but what should i do to add it to class path . Should i get the jar of the ejb module i've created and add it . and if yes , i already did it . but what should i set in the parameter of the lookup method .

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