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1. WAR vs EAR for web application with no EJB?

I have a JEE web application that does not make use of EJBs. I am targeting Jetty/Tomcat for deployment some of the time and thus need a WAR packaging. ...

2. Emply EJB and Servlet

After reading about it for so long, I now have chance to get my hand dirty with EJB. I use Glassfish+Eclipse 3.7 on Ubuntu. I first created an EJB that just returns ...

3. EJB Deployment descriptor problem

4. EJB application deployment problem

5. Can we deploy Ejb3.0 as a EAR file.

I am deploying Ejb3.0 Stateless session bean as a EAR file into jboss4.2.2 server.Deployment is sucessfull but i cant able to access it. //Lookup code Hello hello = (Hello) ctx.lookup("HelloBean/remote"); Exception comes as "HelloBean not bound" When i deploy bean as Ejb jar file its working fine, I can lookup bean, No exception and get correct output. Please tell me If ...

7. Problem While Deploying EJB

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10. I am new to EJB deployment

The easiest thing to do would be to go through the Eclipse application servers wizard to register the WLS instance with Eclipse. You can then go through the Eclipse Enterprise application project creation wizard to hook-up the EJB and WAR modules and deploy to WLS from Eclipse. Most of this is already documented in the Eclipse help files. Open up Eclipse ...

12. EJB 2.X Deployment steps

13. Folder structure to deploy EJB3

14. EJB unable to access class under war's WEB-INF/classes (ear deployment)

My EJB is unable to access a class file in WAR's WEB-INF/classes directory. I made a JBOSS upgrade from 4.0.3SP1 to 4.3.2. As I never configured a JBOSS AS from scratch so I am having trouble identifying the problem correctly. Steps I followed to upgrade 1. Copied the deployment packages e.g. *.ear & *.har 2. Added the missing library 3. And ...

15. help with deploying ejb

EJB 3.0 Glassfish v2.1 Netbeans 6.7.1 I want to run my EJB project - that gives me an error with comment "(...)Start registering the project's server resources Finished registering server resources deployment started : 0% Deploying application in domain failed; Error loading deployment descriptors for module [ModulListyObecnosciEJB] -- Referencing error: This bundle has no bean of name [ListaObecnosciEndpointBean] Here You've got ...

17. EJB3 @Local deployment fails

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19. Deploying EJB on Internet

20. Deploying a Batch Script to Deploy EJBs

21. Compile and Deploy EJB without RAD,WASD

22. Is there any way to initialize a class during EJB Module deployment?

1) I used Servlet Context Listener for solving this purpose, made a bean in EJB Module and while after 5 minutes it will send data to bean and data if recieved then it will insert that time to class. Multithreading is used in servlet. 2) Other methods need one time manual intervention for running a class or jsp or whatever and ...

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