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2. New to EJB    coderanch.com

Dear Soliman, Here's my suggestion. Infact, I follow this whenever I try to learn any thing new ( related to IT). 1. Google out and download Powerpoint presentations which start with Intro to EJB, EJB Basics, EJB etc. Download 4 - 5 of those PPTs of medium number ( 10-15 ) slides and go through them. In a short while , ...

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8. POJO EJB Interaction    coderanch.com

Hello All, I am trying to set up an application that is designed to act somewhat like a datasource but for a proprietary software connection. I have made a POJO that I want to bind to a jndi context. Afterwards I want to use an EJB to look up the pojo and grab one of the 'datasource-like' resources. I have been ...

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12. EJB Questions    coderanch.com

My knowledge of EJB Session bean say: 1. Stateful Session Bean : Maintains the client state. 2. Stateless Session Bean : Does not maintain the client state. Now I am developing Shopping Cart Example using EJB, Servlet, JSP and HTML pages. My Project contains following pages: 1. login.html 2. AuthenticateServlet.java 3. User.jsp 4. PurchaseServlet 5. PurchaseSuccessful.jsp 6. AuthenticateBean Stateful Session ...

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14. EJB Nt Bound    coderanch.com

Hello Sir, I m getting Ejb Not Bound Problem yesterday my ejb was running sucessfully but At now its showing this problem. I did't make any changes then why its showing this error why.. its what? I hav two more projects they all three running sucessfully yesterday , But today only one showing this problem.. And rest are running... Please suggest ...

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17. EJB creation time    coderanch.com

Hi, this is my "little" problem: I created a session bean: @Stateless public class LabelFacade extends implements LabelFacadeLocal { @PersistenceContext(unitName = "EJB-KIMPU") private EntityManager em; @Override protected EntityManager getEntityManager() { return em; } public LabelFacade() { super(Label.class); } } @Local public interface LabelFacadeLocal {//** **//} I created a WS, and I want that it reads the DB at startup: @WebService() @Stateless() ...

18. Learning resource for EJB    coderanch.com

An application server, in which the "EJB components" are running, usually provides many other services including concurrency management, pooling service, etc. Hey, Out here by "EJB components" you mean the classes that i would write which relate to business logic right? If that is so, then does the EJB architecture divided into follwoing tiers/includes 1. classes at the web tier that ...

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20. EJB use    coderanch.com

Hi, I am a beginner in EJB, and I am studing for get my sun certification ,but I dont know when use it in a real project where we could use it. For example if you have several servers in different places, you can share the weigth of the app, putting a bean in each server. Someone knows a real situation ...

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24. EJB Class-loading    coderanch.com

Hi all, Was wondering if someone could give me some insight on classloading of EJBs. Ejb3 in Action states that beans are classloaded as needed when a client makes a request.This only makes sense to me for stateful session beans since they are instantiated once per client and so the classes for a given bean would only need to be located ...

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26. EJB variable intialization    coderanch.com

27. EJB that extends Properties cant create interface    coderanch.com

Dan Fow wrote:I'm a newbie to JEE and EJB's so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I want to have an EJB that extends the java.util.Properties class however, it is my understanding that I need to have an interface for the Bean that I inject. Properties does not have an interface so I don't know how to expose the ...

28. EJB and File Upload Download    coderanch.com

29. Can Single EJB Subscribe to Multiple Topics?    coderanch.com

JMS Selectors let you narrow down which messages you receive from a topic. That's the opposite direction of what you are looking for. I don't think it is possible to subscribe to multiple topics from the same EJB. And with the EJB 3 style of putting the topic name in the code, it is even more impossible.

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32. EJBs and Pojos Concurrency Problem    coderanch.com

Hello, We are using EJB 3.0 on Weblogic 10.3 We are in the process of porting a legacy application to EJB 3.0 We have so far ported most service classes to message driven beans or stateless session beans. Some stateless session beans still use pojos which are essentially services: they transform data and are stateless (e.g. DataConverter) The EJB obtains a ...

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35. EJB - Fresher Question    coderanch.com

Thanks Jeanne for your response. I just started on the book and I am at the end of Part I. To my understanding, from the client perspective (for ex., from a servlet) we can call an EJB. For this we will get an interface which can be used in the client and the corresponding implementation class will be there to serve ...

36. Some CMT and BMT doubts in EJB?    coderanch.com

1)With REQUIRES_NEW attribute Container creates a new transaction and the callers transaction is suspended Just get better understanding of REQUIRES_NEW , does it achieve the above behaviour by associating transaction with new connection. Once complete the current transaction it assume the previous connection? when the commit happens for new transaction? 2)Can somebody point me the brief eamxple CMT and BMT where ...

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43. Sun Certified EJB Developer Java EE 6 Exam    coderanch.com

Dear all, I want to take up the EJB Java EE 6 version of the exam. I started preparing for the exam using the EJB in action - manning.. It helped me understand the concepts a lot for EJB 3.0. Nowm i want to learn from a book which gives covers the exam objectives and more focussed on the exam syllabus.. ...

44. why should we use Ejb?    coderanch.com

46. what is ejb?    coderanch.com

EJB is Enterprise Java Bean. it is a technology that helps us to manage the server-side component architecture . It helps us to maintain a modular construction for an enterprise applications. Before you understand the term "modular construction" you may need to understand what the enterprise application means,and why make it different from web application. Web Application: An application that is ...

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51. No custom ClassLoaders in EJB - how to interpret    coderanch.com

Hi. In EJB3.1 spec, section 21.2.2 (Programming restrictions) stands: The enterprise bean must not attempt to create a class loader; obtain the current class loader; set the context class loader; set security manager; create a new security manager; stop the JVM; or change the input, output, and error streams. Ok, so my EJB can't do it. How about classes that the ...

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53. To EJB, or not to EJB. That is the question    coderanch.com

I've been a JSE developer for about 7 years now- writing applications ranging from serial communications on Unix boxes to JDBC and AWT on Win boxes. In the 7 years I've learned a lot about architecture and design... what works and what to avoid in order to reduce time, cost and effort for deployments. I've recently taken up trying to learn ...

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56. Need help for creating simple jsp web application    java-forums.org

I need to create web application which will show advertisement on the internet. Main functions of application should be publishing, deleting and searching of advertisement . So website needs to have front page index.jsp, which leads on two pages AddAdvertisement.jsp and searchAdvertisement.jsp 1. It's needed to create Html forms for adding of advertisment and for searching of them. a. Every form ...

57. Accessing property of Javabean from a JSP    java-forums.org

I have a JSP page trying to display a property (record) from a Javabean. Somehow in the setRecord is not working in the JavaBean <%-- Document : index Created on : Dec 21, 2010, 2:46:13 AM --%> <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8" %> JSP Page

58. login.jsp    java-forums.org

59. Passing data from EJBs to JSPs    forums.oracle.com

1) There are no EJB's in this code. JavaBeans are not EJB's! 2) You never import the Vector class into your jsp, nor do you declare the variable 'v' in it. Thus, the errors. 3) Vectors are legacy components and should no longer be used. Use List implementations instead. Or better yet, abstract your collections entirely from your JSP by using ...