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1. StandardWrapperValve[Faces Servlet]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet Faces Servlet threw exception

Developing EJBs with annotation @Startup and @Singletons I have encountered the following problem, when I turn off the server and back on when I re-do some operation displays me the following ...

2. EJB @Schedule issue

I need to schedule a task in my web application. The task needs to use a member field of the Servlet that is initialized during deployment. I have used the EJB ...

3. i get a 404 error in a EJB3 project that worked pefectly

i'm trying to see an old EJB3 project that i did at school but the only thing i can see is the index.jsp on the browser. The error i get is: ...

4. How should we avoid this Injection exception?

I am trying to call a Servlet but the following Exceptions occur:

The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
javax.servlet.ServletException: PWC1392: ...

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10. Glassfish 3 and Remote EJB Access

13. Error while try to call EJB3 remote method which is deployed in GlassFish 3.0.1

Hi All, I have the following problem, hope you guys can help me on that. I have the following: EJB3 (Business Tier) - Deployed in GlassFish 3.0.1 SpringWebFlow (Webtier) - Deployed in Tomcat 6 I want to access the EJB3 from web tier and I have configured the following. ...

14. Need help on Glassfish and EJB lookup

15. How to remote call the EJB which deploy in other glassfish server

I am using the glassfishv3 and netbean 7.0 .I built another glassfish server in Vmware but i can't look up the EJB from the glassfish server in VM one here the code: EJB: @Stateless(mappedName="test") @Remote(testRemote.class) public class test { public String say(String test) { return test; } // Add business logic below. (Right-click in editor and choose // "Insert Code > ...

18. Calling glassfish EJB from tomcat

Thanks James for your reply. We are using GF 2.1.1. I did removed appserv-deployment-client.jar and appserv-ext.jar from shared/lib but it gave me "ClassNotFoundException for com.sun.logging.LogDomains" which I see in appserv-deployment-client.jar. I added that jar back and then got "ClassNotFoundException:$HowToRun" and that class is in appserv-ext.jar. So, when I add that back, I get the original exception posted before.

19. Calling a Injected EJB in child class using @EJB on GlassFish result in a NullPointerException

Hi there, New to EJB 3 and I trying to access a remote EJB from a very simple EE Client deployed on GlassFish 3. I created a mock bean with a very simple method. It works as long as I inject the EJB using @EJB anotation in the main class. Moving, forward I tried to create a JFrame to prompt for ...

24. servlet/JSP @EJB injection

28. JSP page not finding EJB classes


30. looking up ejb3 from another deployed servlet

Dear All, I have a deployed ejb module on one machine and another deployed web module on another machine. The problem is that I cant look up the beans from the web module ie from the servlet.I can lookup the ejb if the servlet is on the same machine. I can also lookup with a standalone application on a different machine. ...

32. Call a remote EJB from Servlet

37. Servlet referencing remote and stateless ejb

I'm trying t make a simple example to work. It's a servlet that references a remote stateless ejb. All the components are packaged in a simple war file. When the servlet references the bean using the injection @EJB, a message error is thrown and the log shows the root causes: root cause com.sun.enterprise.InjectionException: Exception attempting to inject Unresolved Ejb-Ref foo.FooServlet/foo@jndi: foo.FooRemote@null@foo.FooRemote@Session@null ...

38. EJB injection into servlet

39. Access EJB within a servlet

40. EJBs not always injected properly in servlets on Macintosh and Glassfish2.1

The strange behaviour is, that if the project (ear) is deployed for the first time on GlassFish everything works perfect, all EJB-s in all of the servlets are injected properly. But for the second publish, things go wrong. In some servlets the EJB-s are injected, in other sevlets they are not. I can't even figure out if there is a pattern, ...

41. @EJB works in servlet, not in Struts Action schrieb: > My env is Netbean with Glassfish. I am able to create a servlet to call EJB with this code: > > public class TryAdvise_create extends HttpServlet { > @EJB > AdviseFacadeRemote advBean; > ...... > protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, ........ { > ...... > Advise adv = new Advise(123, "123 Company"); > advBean.create(adv); > > It works great. ...

43. Access EJB from servlet