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1. EJB3 remote/local interface generating tool    coderanch.com

Does anybody know how to auto-generate and update the interfaces in EJB3 like in EJB2 with xdoclet? I have been using EASYECLIPSE, but I can't find an easy way to keep my interfaces updated like I used to in EJB2 where it was merely a matter of running the xdoclet tool and voila, your interfaces signatures were updated to reflect your ...

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5. EJB Local Interface Calls and threads ?    coderanch.com

Hi, I always thought that a business method call from a bean A on the local interface of a bean B was done in the same Thread as the execution of the method in B ? Probably that it is so in most server implementations, but is that required by the specification ? I think that the contrary would make server ...

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8. Query about using Local Interfaces in EJB    coderanch.com

Local interfaces can be used in order to access an EJB instance within the same JVM. It just invoke the bean by pass by reference. You can also use Remote interfaces even in the same JVM, but there will be an unnecessary performance hit with that usage, because it uses RMI which is not required within the same JVM. Devaka

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12. how to access one ejb with local interface from different application deployed in same server.    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using EJB 3 with annotation. I have one local interface and bean class. I want to access this EJB in different application which is deployed in same application server. When i am using @EJB public TestEjbInterface testInterface in any servlet or any EJB session bean from different applicaiton, i am able to get the values but when i ...

13. EJB 3.1 No Local interface    coderanch.com

Hi Jai, Nice to get a reply from a knowledgable person like you. Of late i am just playing with Open EJB code, and trying to submit a patch related to No Local Interface view. In this course, I am just trying to decipher the way No Local Interface View is implemented in Glassfish Ejb Container. 1. Firstly, Glassfish EJB Container ...

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