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1. EJB + JSP: Cannot create the Remote Object from the Home interface

I'm a newbie in the J2EE/EJB field and I'm following some basic examples. I have implemented a very simple class that sums 2 number. I have the home and remote interfaces ...

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5. Updatable Transfer Objects and remote EJB interfaces

The use of transfer Objects with EJBs is a common approach, and the use of updatable transfer Objects is not uncommon. However I hit two problems on JBoss 5 that I haven't encountered or seen discussed before. In short, the instance of a transfer object (TO) passed to a bean as a method argument via a remote interface is not the ...

7. Can EJB Server And Web Server Reside At Remote Locations On Internet

Hello, In the project I am working on, there is requirement for separating web tier server and business tier server. If I am going to use EJB for calling remote methods, does it really matter that whether these two server are on same network or are located on remote sites on Internet? Can I still use EJB session beans to do ...

8. Access remote EJB 3 with tomcat

Hi all, I'm struggling a bit with something...I'd like to access an ejb that is deployed in glassfish from a servlet that I have deployed in tomcat. The only way I manage to access it is to have both of them deployed in glassfish.What is the correct way to make the ejb available to Tomcat? I followed the tutorial at ...

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