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1. Calling a SLSB with Seam security from a servlet

I have an existing application written in SEAM that uses SEAM Security ( In a stateless EJB, I might find something like this:

Identity identity;


  throw new AuthException();
As far as ...

4. how does ejb provede security?

6. EJB security Question

I have an EJB that uses a SecurityDomain and uses the @RolesAllowed annotation to secure the bean. When a user comes into that bean it goes through the login module as it should and creates all the roles and properly checks that the user has the correct Role(s). So everything works great from that end. My problem is that I have ...

11. Security in EJB

14. ejb security

Hello I have a glassfish 3.1 project that uses application client to launch a netbeans platform application. This is fairly time-consuming to download and launch so I would like for different users to be able to login/logout of the client without having to close and relaunch it. I am fairly new to ejb security so please forgive me if I am ...