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1. JSP Data to Servlet using EL

Good day! I am trying to delete a record. But before I delete it, i will show a confirmation message using JSP as follows: (ID and name from "Select ID" Servlet)


2. Check if Cookie exists with JSP EL

I am trying to check if a cookie exists on a JSP page using the Expression Language. I have a cookie called persist which is set to either empty string or "checked". If ...

3. Servlet initParameter in EL

Ben you misunderstood the question. I am trying to print the value of Servlet initParameter in EL For context int param I would have used the EL implicit object initParam. ST com.example.ServTwo name abc ST /two Note: When we can use ${pageContext.request.method} to know the request method name then I think the following syntax is ...

4. EL & Servlet & JSP

5. Using EL within a servlet