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Hi, I have a java value class that i manage persistance with using Hibernate. package com.eamonn.entities; import java.io.Serializable; /** * * @author Eamonn */ public class User implements Serializable{ private int id = 0; private String Username; private String Password; private String active; public User(String Username, String Password) { this.Username = Username; this.Password = Password; } public User(){ super(); Username = ...

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Hi people. I joined a project where EL-expressions are readed from XML files. So I need to find a way to evaluate an EL-expression twice. For example, let suppose that this is readed from a XML and saved in a String variable x:foo/bar/${blah}/whateverIn my jsp, I need to do something like this (I know that currently this is illegal):

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thank you very much for your replies; much appreciated. I've also tried to run the jsp examples that come with tomcat and I've the same result: EL is not being recognized; it is tomcat 5.5 I'm using. checking the web.xml is a good idea and it's indeed version 2.4. I'm thinking all I can do is to re-install tomcat and hope ...

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Hello everyone, I am preparing for exam and would ask you some help in clarifying a few issues. But, before anything, some code is inbound first - it's a really simple login example I've constructed. Let's assume correct username and pass combination is entered; questions are at the bottom. LoginPage.jsp (entrypoint - view) <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=windows-1250" pageEncoding="windows-1250"%>

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I am a newbie to EL. I have a java bean class A that has a Date field dateFieldB which is stored in simple date format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss). In my jsp page, I have something like ${idA.dateFieldB }. I would like to use java Date functions like getHours(). Please forgive my ignorance but I did something like ${idA.dateFieldB.getHours() } and it ...

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