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I've defined an error-page in my web.xml:

In that error page, I have a custom tag that I created. The tag handler for this ...

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i have created a jsp contains

  int i=10;
  throw new ArithmeticException("ItsMyGenExcepetion"); 
i have made entry in web.xml
i have my errordisply.jsp contains
<%@ page isErrorPage="true" %>
in ...

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Since this not really answers my question, I'm gonna clarify. 3 .jsp pages, index.jsp, calculator.jsp and error.jsp. index.jsp contains (withoug html and body tags):

<p><b>Enter the Number you want to know the square ...

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I added the following to my XML file but when I try to test it I get a white screen or a 404 error:<error-page> ...

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I am a newbie to jsp and servlets. I have an error.html page which I would like to get displayed when my servlet throws a user defined exception, but I get ...

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Hi guys, I am trying to read contents of PDF from the database as bytearray. Then i am simply flusing the bytearray on the JSP page. I have a link on the JSP page which when clicked should open the PDF file. When i am clicking the link, it is showing some garbled content in the Internet Explorer. While i am ...

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Hi I seem to have a problem at which i have been working on for about five hours and cant seem to get to a solution. This is what i am doing, i have a search field which queries a database and displays the results of its search in a table below it. The problem is that when i search for ...

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Dear All, I have a jsp page let say login.jsp and a servlet class Login Servlet.java. My doubt is when request goes to servlet and servlet class do all database validation.if let say login id is invalid how can i display same message in jsp.Example once submitting of userid and password if user is wrong then it will in same jsp ...

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i have used msacess database.i created 2 fields 1) item 2) price. i wanted to find the total price and i have to diplay it on the screen using jsp. For finding sum i used the querry. "select sum(price) from table". no error for that. But i am not able to display the answer on the screen. . i tried alot ...