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1. I get error but can not guess/detect it - JSP/JavaBeans

I get error[netbeans idicator in code] but can not guess/detect it - JSP/JavaBeans, see attachment.... That I tried is make a javabean1, use it in jsp1 and make another javabean2 that ...

2. simple JSP and JavaBean, error 500

I am working with a simple JSP program and bean. The objective is to learn beans. Here is the JSP file: Overriding toString() Method <%@ page import="OverridingToString"%> <%! OverridingToString ots1 = new OverridingToString(); OverridingToString ots2 = new OverridingToString("New Message"); %>

  • ots1 = <%=ots1%>
  • ots2 = <%=ots2%>
Here is the very simple bean: public class OverridingToString{ String message = ...

4. Error with jsp and JavaBeans

hello I really need your help. I am writting some codes using jsp,javabeans and mysql database. I have an error page and I don't know how to solve this problem. It compiles and builds successfully my coding. My first page of my project is working correctly and when I want to link to customers page it loads this error. Can you ...

5. error in jsp when calling a javabean