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1. Method not found error - why?

Hello Clive, I took a look at your code a few days ago. I haven't commented because I couldn't identify any problems. It all seemed straight forward and probably correct. Perhaps someone over in the JSP forum would notice something. Give it the rest of the day here, then we'll move it to the JSP forum. Good Luck.

2. HTTP Error 405 405 Method Not Allowed

Hi all, I am facing a problem when i put my site containing JSP page in my IIS . I am using MS access database. after I login as a user in my login page i get this error HTTP Error 405 405 Method Not Allowed The method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the resource identified by ...

4. EL - get method not found error

5. JSP error using JDBCAdapter method

6. [ Servlet ] Error when I added the init() method to a servlet

Context IBM VAJ WTE environment Problem I wrote a servlet and it is working fine. I then needed the servlet to read some parameters and to persist them to the application scope. The servlet compiled fine. But when the servlet is loaded, I get this error on my browser: Server caught unhandled exception from servlet [FooServlet]: null My init method looks ...

8. Error in hashtable put method