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1. Sending object to Servlet throws an error I cant resolve

I am sending a string from an Applet to a Servlet. When I go to get the output stream from the URLConnection I get the exception thrown protocol doesn't support ...

3. ways to send Jsp Error Page

4. Best way to send error page in Jsp

5. ways to send Jsp Error Page

6. Error in sending attachment in JSP

8. i am getting javax.crypto.illegalblocksizeexception error while sending more than 4kb

I m building a application which encrypts and decrypts data using ECC key and uses base64 des algo.My program works for only one line of data. If it exceeds its not decrypting showing above title as ERROR . I think its cache size limit , which is hampering. kindly note code below and HELP ME OUT!!!!!! package p2; import javax.crypto.*; import ...

9. Sending 404 error (with jsp includes)

10. Sending 404 error (with jsp includes)

But (there is the problem), if i call to inde1.jsp HELLO is displayed and 20OK is coming back form my server But should display a 404 error, right? This problem is drive me crazy. Any ideas? Move the snippet : <% response.sendError(HttpServletResponse.SC_NOT_FOUND); %> to index1.jsp works, but i need to have that code in index2.jsp (like i said at the beginning ...