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1. My class is not a servlet error

I have the following servlet code

public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response){

 Backup bup = new Backup();

 PrintWriter out;
 try {
  out = response.getWriter();

 out.println("You backed up your data ...

2. Unable to compile class for JSP error?

i want to use the Java program in JSP. i have created java program Helloworld under package sam.jni then in JSP program i called the Java class file using

<@ page import="sam.jni.Helloworld">
after deploying ...

3. Class instantiation error

But when i give a class which is not existing in that package, i'm getting the error at the import statement itself. BTW, i'm storing the package in the ORACLEAS_ROOT/j2ee/home/lib directory. I am able to access the other classes in the package. I also tried extracting the jar and verified the integrity of that particular class using a decompiler.

5. ServletInputStream class error

6. JSP page error (Unable to compile class for JSP ) HTTP Status 500 -

Hi All, I am developing a web application using JavaBeans ( inside a JSP Page with Apache Tomcat/4.1.18-LE-jdk14 and J2sdk1.4 and i keep on having the error "Unable to compile class for JSP" see full error msg below. Meanwhile My catalina_home directory is d:\Tomcat and it has no \lib subdirectory rather there is a \common\lib directory However, My JSP code and ...

7. Class JSPException not found error

8. JAVA Class error

9. index.jsp Error 300: Class XYZ not found

Some helpful suggestions: 1) Be careful when entering example code. Careless mistakes wastes people's time. People are unlikely going to want to spend their own time to help you if you're unwilling to spend some time yourself to proof-read your posts. 2) Use the UBB code tags (see the CODE button on the entry page) to preserve the formatting of your ...

10. Unable to compile class for JSP - Error

14. Error : class not found while running jsp

Hi all, Eventhough it looks like a small problem I am unable to solve this,please look to this issue. My Jsp code :Hello.jsp <% Employee e = new Employee(); %> Where Employee is a JavaBean.Is compiled properly. While running this jsp from Tomcat I am getting the following ERROR: Employee classnot found. My Directory structure is as follows: Tomcat 4.1\webapps\MyApps -- ...

15. NTSystem class Error

Hi, I want to run a JSP on client machine which will find out who user is logged into. Its like the windows user ID. For that purpose I have used following code which using NTSystem class. ---------------------------------------- <%@ page import="" %> <% String userID = ""; try { NTSystem ntSystem = new NTSystem() ; userID = ntSystem.getName(); } catch (Exception ...

18. JSP -Class not found Error

Currently trying to create a web application, under TomCat server. I have copied all my jsp files to \examples\jsp directory, relative to where I installed TomCat. Copied .class files under the \examples\WEB-INF\classes Copied .jpg and .gif into \examples\jsp\images I kick off tomcat ok, but on entering: I get the following error:- ----------------------------------------------- Error: 500 Location: /examples/jsp/cats.jsp Internal Servlet Error: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: ...

19. Class not found error in JSP

20. JSP unable to compile class error

22. {0} servlet class error

24. Error in compiling Servlet class

25. Error getting variable from java class

I have an older webapp and just recently have been trying to upgrade it to use JSP 2.0 spec I have a java Class named Constants (not a javabean) contains public static final boolean DEBUG = true; //or false if I don't want debug messages to appear throughout web app I have a jsp, an in that jsp I would like ...

26. Error when connection to servlet from java class

Hello ranchers, I m facing a very different and unique issue. I have a java file which calls servlet. and my java file is loaded in oracle using loadJava command. Then those class files were published and a package was created. suppose if my class contains 3 methods, then my package will contain 3 functions. now when i execute this function ...

27. Class not found error from deployed servlet

I found it. The class it was complaining about was using a class ( log4j logger ) that needed to be in the lib directory of the tomcat server. I had to copy the library log4j.jar to that directory. Very bad error. It totally threw me. I wonder why it did not complain about the class that was actually missing? Anyway, ...

28. Jsp class could not be compiled error

If you are a newbie to JSP you should be learning to do things the right way right off the bat. Putting Java code in JSPs with scriptlet syntax (<% and %>) is a practice that has been discredited for over 9 years now. You should not be doing it. Be sure that whatever tutorial or reference that you are using ...

29. Error instantiating servlet class entry